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Composition and diversity patterns of megafauna discards in the deep-water shrimp trawl fishery off Brazil.
Composition and spatial diversity patterns of retained and discarded catches in the deep-water shrimp (family Aristeidae) trawling fishery off Brazil were assessed by observers on-board commercialExpand
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Biological patterns of the Argentine shortfin squid Illex argentinus in the slope trawl fishery off Brazil
La explotacion comercial del calamar argentino (Illex argentinus) no existia en aguas brasilenas hasta el ano 2000, cuando buques extranjeros iniciaron sus operaciones en el talud como parte de unExpand
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Individual growth of the squid Illex argentinus off Brazil as reconstructed from the gladius microstructure
Individual growth histories of the shortfin squid Illex argentinus were reconstructed in 1512 individuals obtained during seven years of commercial exploitation in southern-south-eastern Brazil.Expand
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Preliminary assessment of the jellyfish bycatch captured off southern and southeastern Brazil
Macromedusoid forms of Hydrozoa, Scyphozoa and Cubozoa captured by different fishing gears active in south and southeast of Brazil were record ed on board by...
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The study of intra-specific growth variability of Illex argentinus (Cephalopoda: Teuthida) in Brazilian waters as reconstructed from the gladius microstructure
Intra-specific growth variability of the gladius of Illex argentinus was analyzed based on 870 specimens collected off Brazil from 2001 to 2002, and divided into two depth groups (shelf break andExpand
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Analysis of shape variability and life history strategies of Illex argentinus in the northern extreme of species distribution as a tool to differentiate spawning groups
ABSTRACT This study aimed to differentiate local and migratory spawning groups of the shortfin squid Illex argentinus caught in Brazilian waters using geometric and traditional morphometric methodsExpand
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The occurrence of the jellynose fish Ijimaia antillarum in the south-western Atlantic
Two jellynose fish captured in southern Brazilian waters were identified and compared with the previous descriptions of ateleopodid species to improve our understanding of the diversity andExpand