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Understanding Delta-Sigma Data Converters
This paper introduces the first-order and second-order delta-sigma modulators for data converters and DACs. Expand
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Delta-sigma data converters : theory, design, and simulation
This comprehensive guide offers a detailed treatment of the analysis, design, simulation and testing of the full range of today's leading delta-sigma data converters. Written by professionalsExpand
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An empirical study of high-order single-bit delta-sigma modulators
Computer simulations are used to determine the stability limits of single-bit delta-sigma modulators up to order 8. It is found that none of the existing criteria for stability are adequate forExpand
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Delta-sigma modulators employing continuous-time circuitry
Delta-sigma (/spl Delta//spl Sigma/) modulators employing continuous-time elements can be transformed to equivalent discrete-time systems. The paper derives this equivalence relation and applies itExpand
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The Delta¿¿¿Sigma Toolbox
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Bandpass sigma-delta modulation
A bandpass version of sigma-delta modulation is presented, with simulation results for second- and fourth-order convertors. For the fourth-order convertor operating at 8 MHz, simulations demonstrateExpand
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An algorithm for computing convex positively invariant sets for delta-sigma modulators
Computational geometry is used to locate convex positively invariant sets for delta-sigma modulators. The existence of a positively invariant set implies the stability of the modulator and yieldsExpand
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Quadrature mismatch-shaping
  • R. Schreier
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  • IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and…
  • 7 August 2002
Mismatch-shaping is used in lowpass and bandpass delta-sigma converters to shape the errors caused by element mismatch in multi-bit modulators. Expand
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DeltaSigma ADCs with Multibit Internal Converters
This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction Multibit Noise-Shaping Modulator Architectures DAC Architectures for Improved Linearity Digital Correction Techniques Dual-Quantizer ADCExpand
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