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Modeled environmental concentrations of engineered nanomaterials (TiO(2), ZnO, Ag, CNT, Fullerenes) for different regions.
The results of this study indicate that risks to aquatic organisms may currently emanate from nano- Ag, nano-TiO(2), and nano-ZnO in sewage treatment effluents for all considered regions and for nano-Ag in surface waters.
Environmental Literacy in Science and Society: From Knowledge to Decisions
  • R. Scholz
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 31 August 2011
List of boxes Overview Roadmap to environmental literacy Part I. Invention of the Environment: Origins, Transdisciplinarity, and Theory of Science Perspectives: 1. What knowledge about what
Higher education as a change agent for sustainability in different cultures and contexts
Purpose – The goal of this paper is to enhance consideration for the potential for institutions of higher education throughout the world, in different cultures and contexts, to be change agents for
The real type and ideal type of transdisciplinary processes: part I—theoretical foundations
Abstract Transdisciplinarity integrates or relates different epistemics from science and practice (Mode 2 transdisciplinarity) or from branches of disciplines if interdisciplinary integration is
Life Cycle Inventories of Transport Services: Background Data for Freight Transport (10 pp)
AbstractBackground, Goal and Scope The ecoinvent database is a reference work for life cycle inventory data covering the areas of energy, building materials, metals, chemicals, paper and cardboard,
Establishing sustainability science in higher education institutions: towards an integration of academic development, institutionalization, and stakeholder collaborations
The field of sustainability science aims to understand the complex and dynamic interactions between natural and human systems in order to transform and develop these in a sustainable manner. As
Management influence on environmental impacts in an apple production system on Swiss fruit farms: Combining life cycle assessment with statistical risk assessment
In this study we assessed to what extent management of apple-growing within a well defined farming system affects environmental impacts. A four-year data set of 12 fruit farms from eastern
Transdisciplinarity: Joint Problem Solving among Science, Technology, and Society
1 Summary and Synthesis.- 1.1 Summary.- 1.2 Synthesis.- 2 Introduction.- 2.1 Why a Globalized World Needs Transdisciplinarity.- 2.2 The Discourse of Transdisciplinarity: An Expanding Global Field.- 3
The real type and ideal type of transdisciplinary processes: part II—what constraints and obstacles do we meet in practice?
This paper builds on the theoretical foundation outlined in Part I (‘The real type and ideal type of transdisciplinary processes: part I—theoretical foundations’) which is included in the same
Embedded Case Study Methods
Handbook of Research on Scholarly Publishing and Research MethodsThe SAGE Handbook of Qualitative Business and Management Research MethodsQualitative Research in JournalismResearch Methods for Sport