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Environmental Literacy in Science and Society: From Knowledge to Decisions
  • R. Scholz
  • Political Science, Sociology
  • 31 August 2011
List of boxes Overview Roadmap to environmental literacy Part I. Invention of the Environment: Origins, Transdisciplinarity, and Theory of Science Perspectives: 1. What knowledge about whatExpand
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The real type and ideal type of transdisciplinary processes: part I—theoretical foundations
Abstract Transdisciplinarity integrates or relates different epistemics from science and practice (Mode 2 transdisciplinarity) or from branches of disciplines if interdisciplinary integration isExpand
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Higher education as a change agent for sustainability in different cultures and contexts
Purpose – The goal of this paper is to enhance consideration for the potential for institutions of higher education throughout the world, in different cultures and contexts, to be change agents forExpand
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Establishing sustainability science in higher education institutions: towards an integration of academic development, institutionalization, and stakeholder collaborations
The field of sustainability science aims to understand the complex and dynamic interactions between natural and human systems in order to transform and develop these in a sustainable manner. AsExpand
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Embedded Case Study Methods
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Transdisciplinarity: Joint Problem Solving among Science, Technology, and Society
1 Summary and Synthesis.- 1.1 Summary.- 1.2 Synthesis.- 2 Introduction.- 2.1 Why a Globalized World Needs Transdisciplinarity.- 2.2 The Discourse of Transdisciplinarity: An Expanding Global Field.- 3Expand
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Possibilities and limitations of modeling environmental exposure to engineered nanomaterials by probabilistic material flow analysis.
Information on environmental concentrations is needed to assess the risks that engineered nanomaterials (ENM) may pose to the environment. In this study, predicted environmental concentrations (PEC)Expand
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Approaching a dynamic view on the availability of mineral resources: What we may learn from the case of phosphorus?
Abstract This paper elaborates in what way a dynamic perspective on reserves, resources and geopotential is necessary to provide robust estimates on resource availability. We introduce concepts ofExpand
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Measuring societal effects of transdisciplinary research projects: design and application of an evaluation method.
Most Transdisciplinary Research (TdR) projects combine scientific research with the building of decision making capacity for the involved stakeholders. These projects usually deal with complex,Expand
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Enhancing Validity and Reliability Through Feedback-Driven Exploration: A Study in the Context of Conjoint Analysis
This study proposes a research design for the enhancement of validity and reliability in conjoint analysis research. For this purpose, we are applying the concept of feedback-driven exploration toExpand
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