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A 300-kyr record of aridity and wind strength in southwestern Africa: inferences from grain-size distributions of sediments on Walvis Ridge, SE Atlantic
The terrigenous fraction of sediments recovered from Walvis Ridge, SE Atlantic Ocean, reveals a history of southwestern African climate of the last 300 kyr. End-member modelling of a data set ofExpand
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Multiproxy approach for the reconstruction of the glacial ocean surface (MARGO)
Michal Kucera , Antoni Rosell-Mele, Ralph Schneider, Claire Waelbroeck, Mara Weinelt Department of Geology, Royal Holloway University of London, Egham TW20 0EX, UK ICREA and Institute ofExpand
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An automated leaching method for the determination of opal in sediments and particulate matter
An automated leaching method for the analysis of biogenic silica (opal) in sediments and particulate matter is described. The opaline material is extracted with 1 M NaOH at 85°C in a stainless steelExpand
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Deglacial sea surface temperature and salinity increase in the western tropical Atlantic in synchrony with high latitude climate instabilities
A sediment core from the western tropical Atlantic covering the last 21,000 yr has been analysed for centennial scale reconstruction of sea surface temperature (SST) and ice volume-corrected oxygenExpand
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Holocene and Eemian sea surface temperature trends as revealed by alkenone and Mg/Ca paleothermometry
In this study we review a global set of alkenone- and foraminiferal Mg/Ca-derived sea surface temperatures (SST) records from the Holocene and compare them with a suite of published Eemian SSTExpand
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Provenance of present‐day eolian dust collected off NW Africa
[1] Atmospheric dust samples collected along a transect off the West African coast have been investigated for their physical (grain-size distribution), mineralogical, and chemical (major elements)Expand
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Last deglacial sea-surface temperature evolution in the Southeast Pacific compared to climate changes on the South American continent
Abstract Applying the alkenone method, we estimated sea-surface temperatures (SSTs) for the past 33 kyr in two marine sediment cores recovered from the continental slope off mid-latitude Chile. TheExpand
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Monsoon related variations in Zaire (Congo) sediment load and influence of fluvial silicate supply on marine productivity in the east equatorial Atlantic during the last 200,000 years
Two sediment cores from the Zaire Fan and the Angola Margin have been investigated for their composition of terrigenous and biogenic constituents, respectively. For the late Quaternary,Expand
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North Pacific and North Atlantic sea-surface temperature variability during the Holocene
Holocene climate variability is investigated in the North Pacific and North Atlantic realms, using alkenone-derived sea-surface temperature (SST) records as well as a millennial scale simulation withExpand
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Late Quaternary Temperature Variability in the Benguela Current System Derived from Alkenones
Abstract Three sediment cores on a transect across the continental slope off Namibia at about 23°S were investigated for alkenone-derived past sea-surface temperature (SST) and total organic carbonExpand
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