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Holocene climate variability
Vigorous exchange between the Indian and Atlantic oceans at the end of the past five glacial periods
The reconstruction indicates that Indian–Atlantic water exchange was highly variable: enhanced during present and past interglacials and largely reduced during glacial intervals, suggesting a crucial role for Agulhas leakage in glacial terminations, timing of interhemispheric climate change and the resulting resumption of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation.
155,000 Years of West African Monsoon and Ocean Thermal Evolution
This study demonstrates that the stadial-interstadial and deglacial climate instability of the northern high latitudes exerts dominant control on the West African monsoon dynamics through an atmospheric linkage.
Climatic controls on central African hydrology during the past 20,000 years
It is concluded that changes in ocean circulation, and hence sea surface temperature patterns, were important in modulating atmospheric moisture transport onto the central African continent.
Provenance of present‐day eolian dust collected off NW Africa
[1] Atmospheric dust samples collected along a transect off the West African coast have been investigated for their physical (grain-size distribution), mineralogical, and chemical (major elements)