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On Evaluating Decision Procedures for Modal Logic
This paper investigates the evaluation method of decision procedures for multi-modal logic proposed by Giunchiglia and Sebastiani as an adaptation from the evaluation method of Mitchell et al ofExpand
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On combinations of propositional dynamic logic and doxastic modal logics
We prove completeness and decidability results for a family of combinations of propositional dynamic logic and unimodal doxastic logics in which the modalities may interact. The kind of interactionsExpand
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MSPASS: Modal Reasoning by Translation and First-Order Resolution
mspass is an extension of the first-order theorem prover spass, which can be used as a modal logic theorem prover, a theorem prover for description logics and a theorem prover for the relationalExpand
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System Description: SpassVersion 3.0
An electrophotographic copying system is disclosed wherein the DC charging and DC transfer corotrons are powered with an unfiltered full wave rectified voltage derived from a 110 volt, 60 hertz lineExpand
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An empirical analysis of modal theorem provers
ABSTRACT This paper reports on an empirical performance analysis of four modal theorem provers on benchmark suites of randomly generated formulae. The theorem provers tested are theExpand
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Second-Order Quantifier Elimination - Foundations, Computational Aspects and Applications
In recent years there has been an increasing use of logical methods and significant new developments have been spawned in several areas of computer science, ranging from artificial intelligence andExpand
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Functional Translation and Second-Order Frame Properties of Modal Logics
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Using Tableau to Decide Expressive Description Logics with Role Negation
This paper presents a tableau approach for deciding description logics outside the scope of OWL DL/1.1 and current state-of-the-art tableau-based description logic systems. In particular, we define aExpand
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MSPASS: Subsumption Testing with SPASS
mspass is an enhancement of the rst-order theorem prover spass 17; 18; 19; 20] with a translator of modal formulae, formulae of description logics, and formulae of the relational calculus intoExpand
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Combining Dynamic Logic with Doxastic Modal Logics
AbstractWe prove completeness and decidability results for a family of combinations ofpropositional dynamic logic and unimodal doxastic logics in which the modalitiesmay interact. The kind ofExpand
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