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Genetics and geography of wild cereal domestication in the near east
About 12,000 years ago, humans began the transition from hunter-gathering to a sedentary, agriculture-based society. From its origins in the Near East, farming expanded throughout Europe, Asia andExpand
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Clinetics Data Merge - A Platform for Exchange of Pharmacokinetic Data
A data transfer system that enables a controlled and standardized exchange of pharmacokinetic (PK) concentrations, calculated PK parameters and related clinical data between Bioanalytical Laboratories, Clinical Pharmacology and Data Management. Expand
Internode of the brittle rachis Internode of the tough rachis Ripe spikelets disarticulating Pointed glume tips Shattering ear Ear Smooth surface of the scar Spikelet Seeds Fully ripe ear Ear Rough
NATURE REVIEWS | GENETICS VOLUME 3 | JUNE 2002 | 429 diet. The archaeological record shows that humans who settled in the region harvested the wild forms of cereals from natural STANDS beforeExpand