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Scalable Conjunction Processing using Spatiotemporally Indexed Ephemeris Data
Stellar Science has developed innovative filtering techniques for satellite conjunction processing using spatiotemporally indexed ephemeris data that efficiently and accurately reduces the number of objects requiring high-fidelity and computationally-intensive conjunction analysis.
Peptide sequence determination from high-energy collision-induced dissociation spectra using artificial neural networks
The results suggest that this method is a viable approach to rapid computer interpretation of peptide CID spectra, in which the neural networks were trained on a set of reference spectra.
Affinity+: Semi-Structured Brainstorming on Large Displays
The Affinity+ Concept was designed to improve the collaborative brainstorm process through the use of large display surfaces in conjunction with mobile devices like smart phones and tablets and incorporates theme detection, topic clustering, and other processing algorithms that help bring structured analytic techniques to the process without requiring explicit leadership roles and other overhead typically involved.
Northwest Trajectory Analysis Capability: A Platform for Enhancing Computational Biophysics Analysis
Northwest Trajectory Analysis Capability (NTRAC) is described, an analytical software suite developed to enhance the efficiency of computational biophysics analyses to serve as an example for effectively analyzing data intensive large scale simulation data.
Quantitative measurement of texture orientation in biomedical images using an artificial neural network
A novel approach is reported in which image data are convolved with directional convolution masks and the results are used as input to an artificial neural network for classification of image areas into a number of discrete texture orientation classes.
Visualization and Integrated Data Mining of Disparate Information
A framework for common conceptual data models for multiple data types and linked visualizations is developed that provides an overview of the entire data set, a measure of how each data record is related to every other record, and an assessment of the associations within the data set.
Add Java extensions to your wiki: Java applets can bring dynamic functionality to your wiki pages
This article will walk you through the deployment of a fairly elaborate applet via a MediaWiki extension, and explains a rudimentary persistence mechanism which allows applets to save data directly to the wiki pages on which they reside.
Peptide sequence determination from high-energy CID tandem mass spectra using artificial neural networks
One of the major advantages in the use of high energy collision-induced dissociation (CID) tandem mass spectrometry for the determination of peptide sequence over the more traditional method of Edman