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Mass and environment as drivers of galaxy evolution in SDSS and zCOSMOS and the origin of the Schechter function
We explore the simple inter-relationships between mass, star formation rate, and environment in the SDSS, zCOSMOS, and other deep surveys. We take a purely empirical approach in identifying thoseExpand
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Accurate photometric redshifts for the CFHT legacy survey calibrated using the VIMOS VLT deep survey
We present photometric redshifts for an uniquely large and deep sample of 522286 objects with i'_{AB}<25 in the Canada-France Legacy Survey ``Deep Survey'' fields, which cover a total effective areaExpand
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The zCOSMOS 10k-Bright Spectroscopic Sample
We present spectroscopic redshifts of a large sample of galaxies with I_(AB) < 22.5 in the COSMOS field, measured from spectra of 10,644 objects that have been obtained in the first two years ofExpand
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The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey. The assembly history of the stellar mass in galaxies: from the young to t
We present a detailed analysis of the Galaxy Stellar Mass Function of galaxies up to z=2.5 as obtained from the VVDS. We estimate the stellar mass from broad-band photometry using 2 differentExpand
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Euclid Definition Study Report
Euclid is a space-based survey mission from the European Space Agency designed to understand the origin of the Universe's accelerating expansion. It will use cosmological probes to investigate theExpand
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The SWIRE-VVDS-CFHTLS surveys: stellar mass assembly over the last 10 Gyr. Evidence for a major build up of the red sequence between z = 2 and z = 1
(abridged abstract) We present an analysis of the stellar mass growth over the last 10 Gyrs using a large 3.6$\mu$ selected sample. We split our sample into active (blue) and quiescent (red)Expand
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The VIMOS-VLT deep survey - Evolution of the galaxy luminosity function up to z = 2 in first epoch data
We investigate the evolution of the galaxy luminosity function from the VIMOS-VLT Deep Survey (VVDS) from the present to z=2 in five (U, B, V, R and I) rest-frame band-passes. We use the first epochExpand
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zCOSMOS – 10k-bright spectroscopic sample - The bimodality in the galaxy stellar mass function: exploring its evolution with redshift
We present the Galaxy Stellar Mass Function (GSMF) up to z~1 from the zCOSMOS-bright 10k spectroscopic sample. We investigate the total MF and the contribution of ETGs and LTGs, defined by broad-bandExpand
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Euclid Imaging Consortium Science Book
The energy density of the Universe is dominated by dark energy and dark matter, two mysterious components which pose some of the most important questions in fundamental science today. Euclid is aExpand
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The VIMOS VLT Deep Survey final data release: a spectroscopic sample of 35 016 galaxies and AGN out to z ~ 6.7 selected with 17.5 ≤ iAB ≤ 24.75
We describe the completed VIMOS VLT Deep Survey, and the final data release of 35016 galaxies and type-I AGN with measured spectroscopic redshifts up to redshift z~6.7, in areas 0.142 to 8.7 squareExpand
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