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Solar fusion cross sections
We review and analyze the available information on the nuclear-fusion cross sections that are most important for solar energy generation and solar neutrino production. We provide best values for theExpand
Speed-up of neutrino transformations in a supernova environment
When the neutral current neutrino-neutrino interaction is treated completely, rather than as an interaction among angle-averaged distributions, or as a set of flavor-diagonal effective potentials,Expand
Effects of correlations on neutrino opacities in nuclear matter
Including nucleon-nucleon correlations due to both Fermi statistics and nuclear forces, we have developed a general formalism for calculating the neutral-current neutrino-nucleon opacities in nuclearExpand
Multiangle instability in dense neutrino systems
We calculate rates of flavor exchange within clouds of neutrinos interacting with each other through the standard model coupling, assuming a conventional mass matrix. For cases in which there is anExpand
Neutrino Cloud Instabilities Just above the Neutrino Sphere of a Supernova.
  • R. Sawyer
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review letters
  • 10 September 2015
Most treatments of neutrino flavor evolution, above a surface of the last scattering, take identical angular distributions on this surface for the different initial (unmixed) flavors, and forExpand
Many-body corrections to charged-current neutrino absorption rates in nuclear matter
Including nucleon--nucleon correlations due to both Fermi statistics and nuclear forces, we have developed a general formalism for calculating the charged--current neutrino--nucleon absorption ratesExpand
Erratum: Damping of vibrations and of the secular instability in quark stars
We calculate the bulk viscosity of hot quark matter, or “strange” matter, which could be present in neutron stars. In the temperature range characteristic of young neutron stars, the bulk viscosityExpand
Entanglement and quantal coherence: Study of two limiting cases of rapid system-bath interactions
In this paper, we consider the dynamics of a system coupled to a thermal bath, going beyond the standard two-level system through the addition of an energy excitation degree of freedom. FurtherExpand
The Salpeter plasma correction for solar fusion reactions
We describe five different ways of obtaining the Salpeter formula for the plasma corrections to fusion rates; this formula is valid at the center of the sun with insignificant errors (~percent).Expand