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A Compositional Study of Amaranth Grain
The chemical composition of ten amaranth seed samples was determined. The saccharide content was determined using gas chromatography and high performance liquid chromatography. Sucrose was the majorExpand
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The properties of rice bran as a foodstuff
The author, a research leader at USDA's Western Regional research Center in california, discusses all aspects of rice bran marketed as a dietary fiber ingredient
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Rice bran: Composition and potential food uses
Abstract Qualitative and quantitative aspects of proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, vitamins, minerals, and antinutritional factors in rice bran and its subfractions are described. The nutritionalExpand
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Amaranthus: a potential food and feed resource
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Measurement of digestibility of alfalfa protein concentrates by in vivo and in vitro methods.
The in vitro protein digestibility of alfalfa protein concentrate was assayed by two previously described methods, papain and pepsinâ€"pancreatin, and by a pepsin-trypsin method developed in ourExpand
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Amaranthus Cruentus: Milling Characteristics, Distribution of Nutrients within Seed Components, and the Effects of Temperature on Nutritional Quality
Distribution of nutrients within Amaranthus cruentus seed components and the effects of dry heat on nutritional quality were investigated. Histological, chemical, and nutritional methods were used toExpand
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‘Oahe’ Intermediate Wheatgrass (IWG) seed was found to have higher levels of protein (20.8%), fat (3.21%), and ash (2.64%) than wheat. the IWG protein is nutritionally limiting in lysine, as isExpand
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Rice Bran Stabilization by Extrusion Cooking for Extraction of Edible Oil
An extrusion cooking procedure was developed which produces stabie rice bran which shows no significant increase in free fatty acid content for at least 30–60 days. In the optimum process, 500 kg/hrExpand
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Extraction and refining of edible oil from extrusion-stabilized rice bran
Rice bran oil extracted from extrusion-stabilized bran was processed to a high quality salad oil. Stabilization prevented free fatty acid formation in rice bran prior to solvent extraction of the oilExpand
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