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Coastal Geomorphology of the Martian northern plains
The paper considers the question of the formation of the outflow channels and valley networks discovered on the Martian northern plains during the Mariner 9 mission. Parker and Saunders (1987) andExpand
Venus volcanism: Classification of volcanic features and structures, associations, and global distribution from Magellan data
A preliminary analysis of a global survey of Magellan data covering over 90% of the surface and designed to document the characteristics, location, and dimensions of all major volcanic features onExpand
Venus tectonics: An overview of Magellan observations
The nearly global radar imaging and altimetry measurements of the surface of Venus obtained by the Magellan spacecraft have revealed that deformational features of a wide variety of styles andExpand
Transitional morphology in West Deuteronilus Mensae, Mars: Implications for modification of the lowland/upland boundary
Abstract West Deuteronilus Mensae, which lies along the lowland/upland boundary of Mars at 45° latitude, 345° longitude, exhibits both gradational ( L. A. Rossbacher, 1985 ,in Models in GeomorphologyExpand
Maps of Subsurface Hydrogen from the High Energy Neutron Detector, Mars Odyssey
After 55 days of mapping by the High Energy Neutron Detector onboard Mars Odyssey, deficits of high-energy neutrons in the southern highlands and northern lowlands of Mars indicate that hydrogen is concentrated in the subsurface. Expand
Thick shell tectonics on one-plate planets - Applications to Mars
A theory for stress distributions in thick lithospheric shells on one-plate planets is developed based on the zero frequency equations of a self-gravitating elastic spherical shell overlying aExpand
Surface modification of Venus as inferred from Magellan observations of plains
In Sedna Planitia, clear stratigraphic relations can be discerned among volcanic flow units. Young flows exhibit SAR specific cross section values similar to fresh terrestrial basalt flows, whereasExpand
Dike emplacement on Venus and on Earth
Many long linear troughs are visible in synthetic aperture radar images of the surface of Venus. Their geometry closely resembles that of dike swarms on Earth. Such troughs will be formed if dikesExpand
Comparison between polar regions of Mars from HEND/Odyssey data
Abstract In this paper, we have analyzed neutron spectroscopy data gathered by the High Energy Neutron Detector (HEND) instrument onboard Mars Odyssey for comparison of polar regions. It is knownExpand
Long‐term observations of southern winters on Mars: Estimations of column thickness, mass, and volume density of the seasonal CO2 deposit from HEND/Odyssey data
[1] In this paper, we have analyzed neutron spectroscopy data gathered by the High Energy Neutron Detector (HEND) instrument on board Mars Odyssey for two Martian years of orbital mapping. We focusedExpand