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Wideband Low-Loss Linear and Circular Polarization Transmit-Arrays in V-Band
Several linearly-polarized and circularly-polarized transmit-arrays are designed and demonstrated in the 60-GHz band. These arrays have a fairly simple structure with three metal layers and areExpand
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60-GHz Textile Antenna Array for Body-Centric Communications
A wearable hybrid textile antenna array with a copper foil has been presented for the first time at millimeter waves with satisfactory performance in terms of reflection coefficient, gain and efficiency. Expand
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Millimeter-wave interactions with the human body: state of knowledge and recent advances
The biocompatibility of millimeter-wave devices and systems is an important issue due to the wide number of emerging body-centric wireless applications at millimeter waves. This review articleExpand
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Human skin permittivity models for millimetre-wave range
The complex permittivity of the human skin has been measured in vivo in the 10–60 GHz range using a recently developed coaxial slim probe. The results are compared with the literature data atExpand
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Antennas and Propagation for Body-Centric Wireless Communications at Millimeter-Wave Frequencies: A Review [Wireless Corner]
Body-centric wireless communications represent a well-established field of research, with many studies and applications developed in a range of frequencies that extend from 400 MHz up to 10 GHz.Expand
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Wideband 400-Element Electronically Reconfigurable Transmitarray in X Band
A fully electronically reconfigurable 400-element transmitarray is studied numerically and experimentally in X-band. The array operates in linear polarization and consists of 20 × 20 unit-cells. AExpand
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On-Body Propagation at 60 GHz
The on-body propagation at 60 GHz is studied analytically, numerically and experimentally using a skin-equivalent phantom. First, to provide analytical-based fundamental models of path gain, theExpand
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Characterization of the Interactions Between a 60-GHz Antenna and the Human Body in an Off-Body Scenario
Interactions between a 60-GHz microstrip patch antenna array designed for off-body communications and the human body are investigated numerically and experimentally. First, the array is characterizedExpand
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Optical Theorem Helps Understand Thresholds of Lasing in Microcavities With Active Regions
Within the framework of the recently proposed approach to view the lasing in open microcavities as a linear eigenproblem for the Maxwell equations with exact boundary and radiation conditions, weExpand
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Continuous Transverse Stub Array for Ka-Band Applications
This paper presents a flat, high gain, wide scanning, broadband continuous transverse stub (CTS) array. The design procedure, the fabrication, and an exhaustive antenna characterization are describedExpand
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