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Air-stable ambipolar organic transistors based on charge-transfer complexes containing dibenzopyrrolopyrrole
It has been known that organic charge-transfer complexes with a mix-stacked structure show transistor properties, and particularly complexes containing 7,7,8,8-tetracyano-p-quinodimethane (TCNQ) showExpand
Air-stable n-channel organic field-effect transistors based on charge-transfer complexes including dimethoxybenzothienobenzothiophene and tetracyanoquinodimethane derivatives
A new donor molecule 3,8-dimethoxy-[1]benzothieno[3,2-b][1]benzothiophene (DMeO-BTBT) is synthesized and the charge-transfer complexes with fluorinated 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane (Fn-TCNQ; n =Expand
Charge-Transfer Complexes of Benzothienobenzothiophene with Tetracyanoquinodimethane and the n-Channel Organic Field-Effect Transistors
n-Channel organic transistors with excellent air stability are realized on the basis of charge-transfer complexes, (BTBT)(TCNQ), (BTBT)(F2TCNQ), (BSBS)(F2TCNQ), and (BTBT)(F4TCNQ), where BTBT isExpand
Asymmetrical hole/electron transport in donor–acceptor mixed-stack cocrystals
Effective hole and electron transfer of various mixed-stack donor–acceptor cocrystals is investigated on the basis of the partition theory, and it is explained why most of these cocrystals,Expand
Carrier Charge Polarity in Mixed-Stack Charge-Transfer Crystals Containing Dithienobenzodithiophene.
This work has shown that the single-crystal transistors of the F nTCNQ complexes exhibit electron transport, whereas the DMDCNQI complex shows hole transport as well, and the dominance of electron transport is explained by the superexchange mechanism. Expand
Ambipolar Transistor Properties of Charge-Transfer Complexes Containing Perylene and Dicyanoquinonediimines
To investigate charge polarity of transistors based on donor/acceptor cocrystals, charge-transfer complexes of wide donor molecules such as perylene and pyrene are investigated. As-grownExpand
Thermoelectric power of oriented thin-film organic conductors
The temperature dependence of thermoelectric power is investigated down to low temperatures for oriented thin films of organic conductors. In addition to the evaporated films, highly oriented filmsExpand
Ambipolar transistors based on chloro-substituted tetraphenylpentacene
Thin-film transistors of halogen-substituted tetraphenylpentacenes are investigated. These compounds exhibit mainly hole transport, but the chlorine compound shows considerably higher performanceExpand
Ambipolar Transistors Based on Halogen-substituted Tetraphenyl Pentacenes
【はじめに】 ルブレンはユニフォームスタック構造を有 しており[1]、薄膜トランジスタの作製は比較的困難であ る。一方、ペンタセンは真空蒸着により容易に薄膜化で き、そのトランジスタ特性は長い間研究されてきた。ソ ース・ドレイン電極に金を用いたペンタセン薄膜は正孔 輸送のみを示すが、カルシウムなどの金属を用いることにより電子輸送も観察される[2]。また、ペンExpand