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G-shells: Flat collapsible geodesic mechanisms for gridshells
We present G-shells, a new strategy for deployable elastic gridshells developed from an initially flat and compact geodesic mechanism. The one-degree of freedom mechanism evolves from its initiallyExpand
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Application of tensegrity to tensile-textile constructions: Formfinding and structural analysis
This paper applies tensegrity to create an architectural structure such as those that could be used for sportsarenas or other buildings requiring large, open spaces. This proposal generates anExpand
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Las tensoestructuras y la sostenibilidad
Estudio para la optimización de mallas estructurales de acero envolventes de edificios en altura según sus solicitaciones, en base al análisis de sus líneas isostáticas
The aim of the present study is determinate if the steel space grid envelope structures, for tall buildings (framed tube), are more optimal and efficient if their design is based on the isostaticExpand
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Deployable membrane structures : design proposal for the scissors-type system
This research addresses the problem of dynamic structures seen from their structural morphology and function in the field of architecture. Dynamic structures and specifically scissor systems haveExpand
Parametric Surface Approach to Textile Façade Cladding for Sustainable Buildings
A parametric surface approach has been taken to produce a facade with a patterned design so that the vertical cavity between the facade and the screen could change providing different forms of ventilation, more precisely in response to wind direction, and at the same time, give esthetical freedom of “living facade”. Expand
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El PVC en la arquitectura textil
Molecular study of hypersensitivity to spores in adults and children from Castile & Leon.
INTRODUCTION AND OBJECTIVES Biological aerosols play a vital role in the interactions between the atmosphere, biosphere, climate and public health and fungal spores are a component with allergicExpand
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