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Optical properties of an immobilized DNA monolayer from 255 to 700 nm.
The real (n) and imaginary (k) refractive indices of an immobilized monolayer of 27 nucleotide (nt) single stranded DNA (ssDNA) and the corresponding double stranded DNA (dsDNA) are measured in theExpand
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High-Resolution Thin-Film Device to Sense Texture by Touch
Touch (or tactile) sensors are gaining renewed interest as the level of sophistication in the application of minimum invasive surgery and humanoid robots increases. The spatial resolution of currentExpand
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Tactile devices to sense touch on a par with a human finger.
Our sense of touch enables us to recognize texture and shape and to grasp objects. The challenge in making an electronic skin which can emulate touch for applications such as a humanoid robot orExpand
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Self‐Assembly of a Micrometers‐Long One‐Dimensional Network of Cemented Au Nanoparticles
One-dimensional Au nanoparticles connected by ionic linkers self-assemble into a micrometer-scale network. Reactions between linker ions reinforce the assembly and lead to the formation of aExpand
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Direct measurement of ion accumulation at the electrode electrolyte interface under an oscillatory electric field.
  • G. Singh, R. Saraf
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • The journal of physical chemistry. B
  • 3 June 2006
The ionic charge accumulation at the metal-electrolyte interface is directly measured by using differential interferometry as a function of magnitude and frequency (2-50 kHz) of external electricExpand
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Deposition of CTAB-terminated nanorods on bacteria to form highly conducting hybrid systems.
Gold nanorods and nanospheres capped with positively charged CTAB are deposited on the surface of gram-positive bacterium having negatively charged teichoic acid brushes. The deposition rate is moreExpand
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Self-assembly of nanoparticles on live bacterium: an avenue to fabricate electronic devices.
Lysine-capped gold nanoparticles can be electrostatically assembled on the surface of Bacillus cerius, a Gram-Positive bacterium. The conductivity of the “gold-plated” bacteria assembly immobilizedExpand
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Theory of hydrogen permeability in nonporous silica membranes
Abstract The promising properties of silica-based H2-selective membranes have resulted in extensive experimental studies, but these investigations have provided limited information about theExpand
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Stability of Order in Solvent-Annealed Block Copolymer Thin Films
One way to produce high order in a block copolymer thin film is by solution casting a thin film and slowly evaporating the solvent in a sealed vessel. Such a solvent-annealing process is a versatileExpand
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Electrospinning of PAH Nanofiber and Deposition of Au NPs for Nanodevice Fabrication
A new route for the formation of electrically conductive Au-PAH composite nanofibers using electrospinning and UV-irradiation techniques is being reported. Initially, we fabricated nonwoven PAHExpand
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