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Flowing along the edge: Spinning up black holes in AdS spacetimes with test particles
We investigate the consequences of throwing point particles into odd-dimensional Myers-Perry black holes in asymptotically anti-de Sitter (AdS) backgrounds. We restrict our attention to the case inExpand
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Collapsing rotating shells in Myers-Perry-AdS 5 spacetime: A perturbative approach
We study gravitational perturbations sourced by a rotating test shell collapsing into five-dimensional Myers-Perry black holes in anti-de Sitter (AdS). Our attention is restricted to the case inExpand
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Destroying a near-extremal Kerr-Newman black hole
We revisit here a previous argument due to Wald showing the impossibility of turning an extremal Kerr-Newman black hole into a naked singularity by plunging test particles across the black hole eventExpand
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Geodesic motion in equal angular momenta Myers-Perry-AdS spacetimes
nd that the ISCO dives below the ergosurface for black holes rotating close to extremality and merges with the event horizon exactly at extremality, in analogy with the fourdimensional Kerr case. ForExpand
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Scanning the parameter space of collapsing rotating thin shells
We present results of a comprehensive study of collapsing and bouncing thin shells with rotation, framing it in the context of the weak cosmic censorship conjecture. The analysis is based on aExpand
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Gravitational collapse with rotating thin shells and cosmic censorship
The study of gravitational collapse is a subject of great importance, both from an astrophysical and a holographic point of view. In this respect, exact solutions can be very helpful but knownExpand
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Mass evolution of Schwarzschild black holes.
In the classical theory of general relativity black holes can only absorb and not emit particles. When quantum mechanical effects are taken into account, then the black holes emit particles as hotExpand
Collapsing thin shells with rotation
We construct exact solutions describing the motion of rotating thin shells in a fully backreacted five-dimensional rotating black hole spacetime. The radial equation of motion follows from theExpand
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