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Implications of Limiting CO2 Concentrations for Land Use and Energy
The Power of Green Carbon dioxide is produced both by fossil fuel burning and by deforestation and other land-use changes. Limiting both sources of CO2 is necessary if we are to curb global warming.Expand
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Climate change effects on agriculture: Economic responses to biophysical shocks
Significance Plausible estimates of climate change impacts on agriculture require integrated use of climate, crop, and economic models. We investigate the contribution of economic models toExpand
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Why do global long‐term scenarios for agriculture differ? An overview of the AgMIP Global Economic Model Intercomparison
Recent studies assessing plausible futures for agricultural markets and global food security have had contradictory outcomes. To advance our understanding of the sources of the differences, 10 globalExpand
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The future of food demand: understanding differences in global economic models
Understanding the capacity of agricultural systems to feed the world population under climate change requires projecting future food demand. This article reviews demand modeling approaches from 10Expand
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Agriculture and climate change in global scenarios: why don't the models agree
Agriculture is unique among economic sectors in the nature of impacts from climate change. The production activity that transforms inputs into agricultural outputs involves direct use of weatherExpand
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Modeling Agriculture and Land Use in an Integrated Assessment Framework
The Agriculture and Land Use (AgLU) model is a top-downeconomic model with just enough structure to simulate globalland-use change and the resulting carbon emissions over one century.TheseExpand
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Climate Change Impacts on U.S. Commercial Building Energy Consumption: An Analysis Using Sample Survey Data
Although much of the commercial sector infrastructure for the next century is currently under construction or is in the planning stages, little has been done in communicating how potential globalExpand
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Climate change impacts on agriculture in 2050 under a range of plausible socioeconomic and emissions scenarios
Previous studies have combined climate, crop and economic models to examine the impact of climate change on agricultural production and food security, but results have varied widely due toExpand
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Land‐use change trajectories up to 2050: insights from a global agro‐economic model comparison
Changes in agricultural land use have important implications for environmental services. Previous studies of agricultural land-use futures have been published indicating large uncertainty due toExpand
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