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Introduction to food- and airborne fungi.
This article discusses US mycologists win prestigious awards in the Netherlands, Mold testing and identification services, and an update on the genus Chaetomium Lichen Biology Peronosporaceae of Korea.
Penicillium subgenus Penicillium - A guide to identification of food and air-borne terverticillate Penicillia and their mycotoxins
A stable taxonomy of these species is proposed based on a polyphasic study of a large number of isolates and features based on fungal differentiation and extrolites are most diagnostic and consistent, but the classification proposed is also supported by the physiological and nutritional characters.
Phylogeny of Penicillium and the segregation of Trichocomaceae into three families
The relationship of Penicillium to other genera of Trichocomaceae is investigated and a new classification system including both anamorph and teleomorph species is proposed and these 25 clades are treated here as sections.
Emergence of Azole Resistance in Aspergillus fumigatus and Spread of a Single Resistance Mechanism
The presence of a dominant resistance mechanism in clinical isolates suggests that isolates with this mechanism are spreading in the authors' environment, and might be more prevalent than currently acknowledged.
Indoor fungal composition is geographically patterned and more diverse in temperate zones than in the tropics
The results suggest that factors driving fungal composition are primarily global rather than mediated by building design or function, and it is shown that fungal diversity is significantly higher in temperate zones than in the tropics, with distance from the equator being the best predictor of phylogenetic community similarity.