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The properties of clean sands pertaining to shear strength and stiffness have been studied extensively. However, natural sands generally contain significant amounts of silt and/or clay. TheExpand
Cavity Expansion and Penetration Resistance in Sand
A theory, based on cavity expansion and stress rotation analyses, is developed for computing the cone penetration resistance of sand. The sand is modeled as a nonlinear elastic-plastic material. TheExpand
Liquefaction Resistance of Clean and Nonplastic Silty Sands Based on Cone Penetration Resistance
Liquefaction of granular soil deposits is one of the major causes of loss resulting from earthquakes. The accuracy in the assessment of the likelihood of liquefaction at a site affects the safety andExpand
Dilatancy and Shear Strength of Sand at Low Confining Pressures
Sand dilates with shearing at a rate that increases with increasing relative density DR and decreases with increasing effective confining stress c. The peak friction angle of a sand depends on itsExpand
Estimation of active earth pressure against rigid retaining walls considering arching effects
It is known that the distribution of active earth pressure against a translating rigid wall is not triangular but nonlinear, owing to arching effects in the backfill. In the present paper, a newExpand
Two- and three-dimensional bearing capacity of foundations in clay
Bearing capacity calculations are an important part of the design of foundations. Most of the terms in the bearing capacity equation, as it is used today in practice, are empirical. Shape factors forExpand
Effect of Penetration Rate on Cone Penetration Resistance in Saturated Clayey Soils
In this paper, the effects of penetration rate on cone resistance in saturated clayey soils are investigated. Shear strength rate effects in clayey soils are related to two physical processes: theExpand
Shredded Tires and Rubber-Sand as Lightweight Backfill
The growing interest in utilizing waste materials in civil engineering applications has opened the possibility of constructing reinforced soil structures with unconventional backfills. Scrap tiresExpand
Behavior of Open- and Closed-Ended Piles Driven into Sands
Both the driving response and static bearing capacity of open-ended piles are affected by the soil plug that forms inside the pile during pile driving. In order to investigate the effect of the soilExpand
Geotechnical Properties of Fly and Bottom Ash Mixtures for Use in Highway Embankments
Class F fly ash and bottom ash are the solid residue byproducts produced by coal-burning electric utilities. They are usually disposed of together as a waste in utility disposal sites with a typicalExpand