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Effects of long-term salt stress on antioxidant defence systems, leaf water relations and chloroplast ultrastructure of potato plants
The overall behaviour of the antioxidant enzymes suggests an increase of cellular H2O2 that would contribute to the oxidative stress of potato plants, but which may be alleviated somewhat by the enhanced levels of proline. Expand
In vitro selection of salt tolerant cell lines in Solanum tuberosum L.
Cell lines able to grow on media containing 50, 100, 150 or 200 mM NaCl were established from potato callus cultures by direct recurrent selection or gradual selection, and salt-tolerant calli were more compact and developed a greenish colour free from necrotic areas. Expand
Cytosolic localization in tomato mesophyll cells of a novel glutamine synthetase induced in response to bacterial infection or phosphinothricin treatment
Results indicate that a novel cytosolic GS is induced in mesophyll cells of Pst-infected or PPT-treated tomato leaves, and a possible role for this new cytOSolic GS in the remobilization of leaf nitrogen during infection is proposed. Expand
Promotion by Jasmonic acid of bulb formation in shoot cultures of Narcissus triandrus L.
Data described here show that JA promotes in vitro bulb formation in shoot cultures of N.triandrus and suggests that JA might play animportant role in the formation and enlargement ofbulbs in Narcissus plants. Expand
Upregulation of bone cell differentiation through immobilization within a synthetic extracellular matrix.
It is demonstrated that peptides covalently coupled to alginate were efficient in influencing cell behavior within this 3D system, and may provide adequate preparation of osteoblasts for cell transplantation. Expand
Cardosin A, an abundant aspartic proteinase, accumulates in protein storage vacuoles in the stigmatic papillae of Cynara cardunculus L.
It is shown that expression of cardosin A is highly restricted to the pistils, and that the enzyme accumulates mainly in protein storage vacuoles of the stigmatic papillae, as well as in flower senescence. Expand
Hydrogenases in Nostoc sp. Strain PCC 73102, a Strain Lacking a Bidirectional Enzyme
The present study was carried out in order to examine and characterize the bidirectional hydrogenase in the cyanobacterium Nostoc sp. strain PCC 73102. Southern hybridizations with the probes Av1 andExpand
Detection of a Cytosolic Glutamine Synthetase in Leaves of Nicotiana tabacum L. by Immunocytochemical Methods.
Two glutamine synthetase polypeptides were immunodetected on western blots of leaf extracts from tobacco and confirmed the localization of GS in the cytosol of cells in the vascular tissue and in the chloroplasts of mesophyll cells. Expand
Plants of Zea mays L. Developed under Enhanced UV-B Radiation. I. Some Ultrastructural and Biochemical Aspects
It was found that UV-B provoked an increase in flavonoid content and even the synthesis of some new ones as observed by chromatography after 10 days of irradiation; however, SDS-PAGE showed thatUV-B promoted the increase of some soluble proteins and also interfered with some insoluble ones. Expand
Immunolocalization of arabinogalactan proteins inAmaranthus hypochondriacus L. ovules
The expression of these arabinogalactan proteins in this ovule seems to be closely aligned with the pathway of the pollen tube, possibly providing directional guides for tube growth inside the ovule. Expand