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Long-term impacts of prescribed burning on regional extent and incidence of wildfires : evidence from 50 years of active fire management in SW Australian forests
Prescribed burning is advocated for the sustainable management of fire-prone ecosystems for its capacity to reduce fuel loads and mitigate large high-intensity wildfires. However, there is a lack ofExpand
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Tropical cyclones and the ecohydrology of Australia's recent continental-scale drought
[1] The Big Dry, a recent drought over southeast Australia, began around 1997 and continued until 2011. We show that between 2002–2010, instead of a localized drought, there was a continent-wideExpand
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Mapping burned areas and burn severity patterns in SW Australian eucalypt forest using remotely-sensed changes in leaf area index
Abstract Remote sensing is the most practical method available to managers of fire-prone forests for quantifying and mapping fire impacts. Differenced Normalised Burn Ratio (ΔNBR) is among the mostExpand
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Valuing Public and Private Urban Tree Canopy Cover
type="main" xml:id="ajar12037-abs-0001"> In this paper, we estimate the effect of tree canopy cover on sales price of urban residential properties in Perth, Western Australia. Using a data set ofExpand
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Spatial scale invariance of southern Australian forest fires mirrors the scaling behaviour of fire-driving weather events
Power law frequency-size distributions of forest fires have been observed in a range of environments. The scaling behaviour of fires, and more generally of landscape patterns related to recurringExpand
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Error propagation in normalization of stable isotope data: a Monte Carlo analysis.
A higher analytical precision of a stable isotope ratio mass spectrometer does not automatically guarantee accurate determination of the true isotope composition (delta-value) of samples, sinceExpand
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Reassessment of recommendations for processing mammal phosphate δ18O data for paleotemperature reconstruction
Abstract The stable oxygen isotope composition of phosphates (δ 18 O P ) extracted from vertebrate bone and teeth material is widely used for paleotemperature reconstruction over the QuaternaryExpand
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Area-wide management of fruit-flies: what are the costs and the benefits?
Increasing volumes and speed of agricultural trade and the opening of new markets for agricultural products create greater challenges to systems established to protect countries from invasiveExpand
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Fluazifop-p-butyl herbicide: Implications for germination, emergence and growth of Australian plant species
Five experiments were implemented to collect information related to the effects of fluazifop-p-butyl (active chemical in grass selective herbicides, Fusilade® and Fusilade Forte™) on seedExpand
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Evidence That Higher Temperatures Are Associated With a Marginally Lower Incidence of COVID-19 Cases
Seasonal variations in COVID-19 incidence have been suggested as a potentially important factor in the future trajectory of the pandemic. Using global line-list data on COVID-19 cases reported untilExpand
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