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Solar-blind filter for the ultraviolet region
Solar-blind filters have been designed and fabricated for the UV region, with transmittance ≈20% in the 265-290-nm spectral region and suppression no worse than 107 in the 300-800-nm region.
Depositing uniform-thickness coatings on large surfaces by means of electron-beam evaporation in vacuum
This paper discusses a method of increasing the thickness uniformity of multilayer interference coatings deposited by electron-beam evaporation in vacuum onto spherical surfaces by using a mask toExpand
Antireflection coatings on germanium and silicon substrates in the 3-5-μm and 8-12-μm windows of IR transparency
This paper presents designs for antireflection coatings on germanium and silicon substrates, using the film-forming materials ZnS, Ge, YF3, and MgF2. The spectral characteristics of the residualExpand
How the phase of the transmission of an antireflection coating affects the properties of optical surfaces
This paper shows that the phase of the transmission of an antireflection coating on an optical surface makes it possible not only to eliminate losses of the light signal to reflection, but also toExpand
Optical coatings for modern thermal imaging systems
Design results of one- and two-range antireflecting coatings, spectrum splitting, dichroic coatings and high-reflection mirrors for the thermal imaging devices of the new generation are presented inExpand
Antireflection coating optical elements in the 2.5–3.5‐μm spectral region
The optimum regimes for depositing antireflection coatings based on amorphous silicon and silicon monoxide are determined in this paper for the 2.5-3.5-μm spectral region with the minimum losses toExpand
Effect of electron-beam, evaporator orientation on the absorption of the deposited films
It is shown that in electron-beam evaporators having a magnetic system for bending the electron beam the secondary electron flux density distribution in the bending plane of the electron beam and inExpand
Deterioration of the limiting characteristics of antireflection coatings due to thickness fluctuations of the layers
Approximate expressions are obtained for analyzing how the roughness of the interlayer surfaces of a multilayer antireflection coating and the substrate affect the optical properties. It is shownExpand