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Potential risk levels of invasive Neoleucinodes elegantalis (small tomato borer) in areas optimal for open-field Solanum lycopersicum (tomato) cultivation in the present and under predicted climate
BACKGROUND Neoleucinodes elegantalis is one of the major insect pests of Solanum lycopersicum. Currently, N. elegantalis is present only in America and the Caribbean, and is a threat in the world'sExpand
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Global geographic distribution of Tuta absoluta as affected by climate change
Over the last 10 years, the insect Tuta absoluta has become one of the most important threats to agriculture worldwide. Since its introduction in Spain in 2006, this pest has infested 60% of theExpand
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Assessment of the natural control of Neoleucinodes elegantalis in tomato cultivation using ecological life tables
ABSTRACT Life table studies allow for a better understanding of mortality factors against insect pests. It assesses each mortality factor and its parameters in population suppression. NeoleucinodesExpand
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Climate model for seasonal variation in Bemisia tabaci using CLIMEX in tomato crops
The whitefly, Bemisia tabaci, is considered one of the most important pests for tomato Solanum lycopersicum. The population density of this pest varies throughout the year in response to seasonalExpand
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Assessing the impact of climate change on the worldwide distribution of Dalbulus maidis (DeLong) using MaxEnt.
BACKGROUND For the first time, a model was applied at the global scale to investigate the effects of climate change on Dalbulus maidis. D. maidis is the main vector of three plant pathogens of maizeExpand
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Evaluation of the resistance of Coffea canephora to Oligonychus ilicis (Acari: Tetranychidae) and the preimaginal conditioning effect on resistance using a biological life table
ABSTRACT Oligonychus ilicis (McGregor) (Acari: Tetranychidae), is one of the most important mite pests found in coffee plants. One way to reduce intensive pest attacks is management via resistantExpand
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Seasons of the year affect critical stage and key mortality factors for Neoleucinodes elegantalis in open field tomatoes
Instituto de Ciências Agrárias, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Rio Paranaíba, Minas Gerais, Brazil Departamento de Entomologia, Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Vicosa, Minas Gerais, BrazilExpand
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Spatial distribution of beetle attack and its association with mango sudden decline: an investigation using geostatistical tools.
BACKGROUND Ceratocystis fimbriata recognized among the species that induce mango sudden decline (MSD), causes plant death within a short period. The beetles Hypocryphalus mangiferae and XyleborusExpand
Detection of Colletotrichum gloeosporioides in native cashew species in Brazil.
The savanna cashew (Anacardium humile A. St. Hil.) nut is a native shrub species distributed in the savanna biome of Central Western Brazil. This species is similar to the cashew (AnacardiumExpand
Climate-based seasonal dynamics of the invasive red palm mite Raoiella indica.
BACKGROUND Raoiella indica Hirst (Acari: Tenuipalpidae) is the most critical coconut and banana pest recently introduced in Brazil. Once mite pests are introduced, it is essential to understand theirExpand