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Twistor Geometry and Field Theory
Part I. Geometry: 1. Klein correspondence 2. Fibre bundles 3. Differential geometry 4. Integral geometry Part II. Field Theory: 5. Linear field theory 6. Gauge theory 7. General relativity Part III.Expand
Instantons and algebraic geometry
Minimum action solutions for SU(2) Yang-Mills fields in Euclidean 4-space correspond, via the Penrose twistor transform, to algebraic bundles on the complex projective 3-space. These bundles in turnExpand
On self-dual gauge fields
Abstract It is shown how self-dual gauge fields correspond to certain complex vector bundles. This leads to a procedure for generating self-dual solutions of the Yang-Mills field equations.
A Yang-Mills-Higgs monopole of charge 2
A new static, purely magnetic Yang-Mills-Higgs monopole solution is presented. It is axisymmetric and has a topological charge of 2; the charge is located at a single point.
Einstein-Weyl spaces and SU(∞) Toda fields
The Einstein-Weyl equations in 2+1 dimensions contain, as a special class, the Toda field equations for the group SU( infinity ). A family of solutions belonging to this class, and depending on anExpand
Soliton solutions in an integrable chiral model in 2+1 dimensions
There is a modified SU(2) chiral model in 2+1 dimensions which is integrable. It admits multisoliton solutions, in which the solitons move at constant velocity, and pass through one another withoutExpand
Twistor Geometry and Field Theory: Frontmatter
Slowly-moving lumps in the CP1 model in (2 + 1) dimensions
Abstract This paper deals with the classical dynamics of slowly-moving lumps in the CP 1 model in (2 + 1) dimensions. The approach is that of studying the geodesics on the manifold of exact staticExpand