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Economic Aspects of Series Capacitors in High-Voltage Transmission
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Integration of High-Voltage Transmission Lines Within BPA 230-Kv Grid [includes discussion]
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An object-oriented approach to evaluating multiple spectral models
A versatile, spectroscopy analysis engine has been developed by using object-oriented design and analysis techniques coupled with an object- oriented language, C++. Expand
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Development and applications of an on-line thermal neutron prompt-gamma element analysis system
This paper introduces the principles, instrumentation, implementation, and industrial applications of an on-line thermal neutron prompt-gamma element analysis system (using a252Cf neutron source,Expand
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High-resolution gamma spectrometry for measurement of transuranic radionuclides: A comparison of a low axial length-to-diameter coaxial HPGe detector versus a planar HPGe detector
A comparison of an HPGe planar detector and an HPGe coaxial detector, both with short length-to-diameter ratios, provides empirical evidence for the advantage of the coaxial configuration inExpand
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Evaluation of energy efficiency fitting functions for HPGe detectors
Numerous and diverse mathematical methods have been used to model the full-energy photopeak (FEP) efficiency-to-energy relationship. Expand
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Scintillating-Glass-Fiber Neutron Sensors, their Application and Performance for Plutonium Detection and Monitoring
Most neutron detection sensors presently employ 3He gas-filled detectors. Despite their excellent performance and widespread use, there are significant limitations to this technology. A significantExpand
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Portal, freight and vehicle monitor performance using scintillating glass fiber detectors for the detection of plutonium in the Illicit Trafficking Radiation Assessment Program
Neutron-sensitive scintillating glass fiber sensors provide several advantages over neutron-sensitive gas-tubes for plutonium detection and surveillance. Expand
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