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A unified index to measure ecological diversity and species rarity
A family of diversity indices and evenness and its corresponding evenness, proposed here for the first time, show promise in ecology and indicate that the indices H, D, S, S q* , E and E q* are only part of a whole set of possibilities.
Analogies Between the Cracking Noise of Ethanol-Dampened Charcoal and Earthquakes.
The results corroborate and elucidate the parallel between the seismic laws and fracture experiments caused by a more complex loading condition that also occurs in natural and induced seismicity (such as long-term fluid injection and gas-rock outbursts in mining processes).
q-exponential distribution in urban agglomeration.
It is argued that the distribution of cities for all ranges of populations can be well described by using a q-exponential distribution, which reproduces the Zipf-Mandelbrot law and satisfies an anomalous decay equation.
Universal bursty behaviour in human violent conflicts
By analyzing available catalogs on violent events in Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland and Northern Ireland, it is shown that the inter-event time distributions obeys approximately a simple scaling law which holds for more than three orders of magnitude.
Average entropy of a subsystem from its average Tsallis entropy.
In the non-extensive Tsallis scenario, Page's conjecture for the average entropy of a subsystem [Phys. Rev. Lett. 71, 1291 (1993)] as well as its demonstration are generalized, i.e., when a pure