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A fully reconfigurable photonic integrated signal processor
Photonic signal processing has been considered a solution to overcome the inherent electronic speed limitations. Over the past few years, an impressive range of photonic integrated signal processorsExpand
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A Photonic Temporal Integrator With an Ultra-Long Integration Time Window Based on an InP-InGaAsP Integrated Ring Resonator
A photonic temporal integrator with an ultra-wide integration time window implemented based on a photonic integrated circuit (PIC) in an InP-InGaAsP material system consisting of semiconductorExpand
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A WDM 4×28Gbps integrated silicon photonic transmitter driven by 32nm CMOS driver ICs
A four-channel WDM silicon photonic transmitter with integrated lasers and modulators driven by low-power 32nm CMOS drivers, is demonstrated to operate at a data rate of 4×28Gb/s with BER<10-12 and power consumption of 10.0pJ/bit. Expand
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Integrated InP-InGaAsP tunable coupled ring optical bandpass filters with zero insertion loss.
Second and third-order monolithically integrated coupled ring bandpass filters are demonstrated in the InP-InGaAsP material system with active semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) and currentExpand
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High verticality InP/InGaAsP etching in Cl2/H2/Ar inductively coupled plasma for photonic integrated circuits
High verticality and reduced sidewall deterioration of InP/InGaAsP in Cl2/H2/Ar inductively coupled plasma etching is demonstrated for a hydrogen dominant gas mixture. Selectivity >20:1, an etch rateExpand
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Comparison of comb-line generation from InGaAsP/InP integrated ring mode-locked lasers
We compare comb-line generation from a 30 GHz gain flattened ring mode-locked laser and two standard 30 GHz ring mode-locked lasers. The gain flattened ring has a 1.32 THz spectral width whereas theExpand
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An InGaAsP/InP integration platform with low loss deeply etched waveguides and record SOA RF-linearity
We present a novel InGaAsP/InP integration platform that simultaneously achieves high saturation power and low deeply etched waveguide loss, while requiring only a single blanket regrowth.Expand
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An integrated parity-time symmetric wavelength-tunable single-mode microring laser
Mode control in a laser cavity is critical for a stable single-mode operation of a ring laser. In this study we propose and experimentally demonstrate an electrically pumped parity-timeExpand
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30Gbps optical link utilizing heterogeneously integrated III-V/Si photonics and CMOS circuits
We present a silicon photonics optical link utilizing heterogeneously integrated modulator and photodetector driven by low-power 32nm CMOS driver ICs. We demonstrate error-free operation at 30GbpsExpand
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Programmable photonic filters fabricated with deeply etched waveguides
Novel monolithic programmable optical filters are proposed and demonstrated. Deeply-etched waveguides are used throughout. Unit cells, incorporating a ring resonator in one arm of a Mach-Zehnder,Expand
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