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Management of Daylily Rust with Different Fungicide Combinations and Spray Intervals.
The objectives of this study were to determine the most effective fungicides or fungicide combinations and application intervals for managing daylily rust in the field and to eliminate less efficacious active ingredients and unnecessary applications. Expand
Fungicide sensitivity profiles of Puccinia hemerocallidis to pyraclostrobin, flutolanil, and thiophanate-methyl
The first report documenting the sensitivity profile of the daylily rust pathogen P. hemerocallidis to fungicides is reported, with the greatest variation in sensitivity observed with flutolanil. Expand
Efficacy of the InvictDetectTM Immunostrip® to Taxonomically Identify the Red Imported Fire Ant, Solenopsis invicta, Using A Single Worker Ant
Though InvictDetectTM requires a minimum of three worker ants, the test improves upon current identification methods because it can be conducted in the field, be completed in 10–30 min, and requires no special training or expertise. Expand
Management of daylily rust with different fungicides, fungicide combinations, and spray intervals and the determination of fungicide sensitivity profiles for Puccinia hemerocallidis
Fungicides remain the most effective tool in managing daylily rust; however, treatments containing tebuconazole outperformed all others and has the lowest material cost of all the systemic chemicals in this study. Expand