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Ota naevus: presentation of a case.
Summary Attention is drawn to the naevus of Ota. Cases may present in plastic surgical practice and a biopsy may be reported as malignant melanoma. When the existence of the lesions is recognised,Expand
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Social behavior between mothers x young of sloths Bradypus variegatus Schinz, 1825 (Xenarthra: Bradypodidae).
This study is a contribution to the ex situ and in situ conservation and preservation of Sloths. The behavioral records of the social interaction between mothers and offspring allow the detection ofExpand
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Subcutaneous suffering associated with bronchopneumonia in a cat - case report.
This is a case report of a feline with a history of diarrhea and moderate subcutaneous emphysema. The animal was subjected to laboratory and radiographic examinations, where it was proven beyondExpand
Oncology: lymphosarcoma liver.
Pythiosis in cats in northeastern Brazil.
The epidemiological, clinical and anatomopathological aspects of pythiosis in cats in northeastern Brazil are described. From January 2000 to December 2018 the Laboratory of Animal Pathology of theExpand