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A survey of estrogenic activity in United Kingdom inland waters
Vitellogenin, a yolk-precursor protein normally found only in the blood plasma of sexually mature female teleosts and other egg-laying vertebrates, was used as an indicator of exposure of maleExpand
Patch testing with fragrances: results of a multicenter study of the European Environmental and Contact Dermatitis Research Group with 48 frequently used constituents of perfumes
The top 25 fragrances commonly found in various products caused few reactions in dermatological patients and these few appeared to be clinically irrelevant, with the possible exeption of Lyral®. Expand
Textbook of Contact Dermatitis
The Textbook of Contact Dermatitis covers every conceivable aspect of modern day management of contact dermatitis, with special emphasis being given to occupational aspects as well as to prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Expand
Photoallergic contact dermatitis is uncommon
Allergic contact (AC) and photoallergic (PA) reactions to ultraviolet (UV) filters are considered rare and should not be considered a cause for concern. Expand
The frequency of fragrance allergy in patch‐tested patients increases with their age
The most likely age of sensitization to fragrance chemicals is unknown and it is unknown whether the child is exposed to these chemicals at an early age or at a later age. Expand
Latex allergy. A position paper of the British Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology
This paper presents a meta-analysis of 125 cases of sepsis in patients treated at the Royal Free Hospital, London in the period of May 21 to 29, 1997 and shows clear trends in prognosis and in particular the cases of meningitis and septicaemia. Expand
Use of the local lymph node assay for the estimation of relative contact allergenic potency
The derivation of the EC3 for a chemical provides an objective and quantitative estimate of potency that is of considerable utility for skin sensitization risk assessment. Expand
Use of a Gammarus pulex bioassay to measure the effects of transient carbofuran runoff from farmland.
The transient concentrations of a carbamate insecticide carbofuran were observed in a head-water stream draining treated farmland, and the resulting effects on a bioassay organism are described. Expand
Comparative frequency of patch test reactions to topical antibiotics
Summary Background Neomycin, clioquinol and fusidic acid are all topical antibiotics widely used in dermatological practice in the U.K., either as a single agent or in combination with topicalExpand
Variation in response of human skin to irritant challenge
A study of the threshold response of normal human skin to a standard irritant revealed a marked interindividual variation in their threshold reaction, demonstrating that this phenomenon does exist and that it will have to be allowed for in future human irritant test systems or assays. Expand