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Legacies: The Story of the Immigrant Second Generation
List of Tables and Figures Preface Acknowledgments 1. Twelve Stories Miami Stories MarIa de los Angeles and Yvette Santana: August 1993 Melanie Fernandez-Rey: September 1993 Aristide Maillol: August
Ages, Life Stages, and Generational Cohorts: Decomposing the Immigrant First and Second Generations in the United States 1
This article focuses on problems with the definition and empirical identification of immigrant “first” and “second” generations in the United States. These loosely conceived aggregates are decomposed
The Crucible Within: Ethnic Identity, Self-Esteem, and Segmented Assimilation among Children of Immigrants 1
Focusing on the formation of ethnic self-identities during adolescence, this article examines the psychosocial adaptation of children of immigrants from Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The
Immigrant America: A Portrait
This book, a study of the odysseys of millions of newcomers from all over the world to the United States, has itself been an odyssey. We began work on the first edition of Immigrant America, our
The Adaptation of Southeast Asian Refugee Youth: A Comparative Study
This report presents the results of a comparative study conducted in 1986-87 in San Diego, California, of the adaptation of refugee youth from Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos. The project examined both
Assimilation and its Discontents: Between Rhetoric and Reality 1
  • R. Rumbaut
  • Psychology
    The International migration review
  • 1 December 1997
A compelling body of evidence on the adaptation of immigrants and their children points to a deterioration of outcomes over time and generation in the United States, as well as to nonlinear processes of change.
Turning points in the transition to adulthood: Determinants of educational attainment, incarceration, and early childbearing among children of immigrants
Abstract This article first sketches a contemporary portrait of the immigrant first and second generations of the United States, examining national-level census data to specify differences by
Ties that Bind: Immigration and Immigrant Families
Immigration to the United States is largely a family affair, and will remain so for the probable future, regardless of the reforms and restrictions that may make their way through the legislative
Ethnicities: children of immigrants in America
Author(s): Hernandez, David Manuel; Glenn, Evelyn Nakano; Portes, Alejandro; Rumbaut, Ruben G; Rumbaut, Ruben G; Portes, Alejandro; Hernandez, David Manuel; Rumbaut, Ruben G; Rumbaut, Ruben G |
Gendered paths: Educational and occupational expectations and outcomes among adult children of immigrants
Abstract This article examines young adults’ educational and occupational trajectories over a ten-year period using panel data from the Children of Immigrants Longitudinal Study in California. While