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A New Measure of Cognitive Flexibility
This paper contains a description of a scale to measure cognitive flexibility. In Study 1, 247 participants completed the Cognitive Flexibility Scale, the Communication Flexibility Scale, and theExpand
Development of parasocial interaction relationships
The parasocial interaction relationship development process was explored by applying principles of uncertainty reduction theory. Results suggested that parasocial relationship development follows aExpand
Attribution in Social and Parasocial Relationships
This study examined social and parasocial interaction from interpersonal attribution perspectives. Parasocial interaction is a perceived interpersonal relationship on the part of a television viewerExpand
Conceptualization and Measurement of Interpersonal Communication Motives
The goal of this study was to develop and validate an instrument that could be used to ascertain motives individuals have for interpersonal communication. A 28-item scale is presented along withExpand
Development of a measure of interpersonal communication competence
This article reports the development of a self‐report Interpersonal Communication Competence Scale (ICCS) that taps 10 dimensions of competence: self‐disclosure, empathy, social relaxation,Expand
Communication Research Measures: A Sourcebook
Part I Measurement Trends and Issues Measurement in Family Communication - Elizabeth E. Graham & Joseph P. Mazer Measurement in Organizational and Group Communication - David R. Seibold MeasurementExpand
Organizational Entry
This study tests an uncertainty model of organizational assimilation assimilation that views assimilation as an active process involving both organizational attempts to form the newcomerExpand
Effects of Instruction on Communication Apprehension and Communication Competence
In this study, we assessed how classroom instruction might result in changes in students' communication competence (CC) and communication apprehension (CA). Students enrolled in a basic communicationExpand
Internet and face‐to‐face communication: Not functional alternatives
This study is a preliminary investigation of computer‐mediated communication (CMC) as a functional alternative to face‐to‐face communication. We examined the relationships between motives for usingExpand
The aims of the investigation were to initiate the development of “contextual age” as an alternative life-position concept to chronological age in communication and aging research, and to examine theExpand