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Predicting Evacuation in Two Major Disasters: Risk Perception, Social Influence, and Access to Resources
The complex and somewhat bewildering phenomenon of why people sometimes decide not to evacuate from a dangerous situation is influenced by a combination of individual characteristics and 3 basicExpand
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After the Crime:: Victim Decision Making
Describes the findings from 20 studies designed to explore decision making by crime victims in the immediate aftermath of the victimization, as well as the role played by emotions and socialExpand
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Rural-Urban Differences in Sexual Victimization and Reporting
In this study, the authors analyzed data from Uniform Crime Reports and from rape crisis centers in all 67 counties in Pennsylvania. Although absolute numbers of sexual victimization cases reportedExpand
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Comparative Distress Levels of Inner-City Family Members of Homicide Victims
This study investigated the distress levels of 150 family members of homicide victims, as well as how pre-event, peri-event, and postevent variables were related to distress. Distress levels wereExpand
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Violent Victimization as a Risk Factor for Violent Offending among Juveniles. Juvenile Justice Bulletin.
Surveys of self-reported behaviors of adolescents and young adults indicate high rates of offending among these age groups (Elliott et al., 1983; Lauritsen, Sampson, and Laub, 1991). Similarly,Expand
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Dimensions of Group Process: Amount and Structure of Vocal Interaction
Publisher Summary This chapter brings together the work of Hackman and Moms, Bales, and Jaffe and Feldstein into a model that is both manageable and intricate enough to capture the subtle details ofExpand
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Social influence and crime-victim decision making.
Other people can affect a crime-victim's decision to notify the police in at least four different ways: (a) by cuing the victim to a particular “script” or particular actions within a script, (b) byExpand
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Prevalence and Processing of Child Sexual Abuse: A Multi-Data-Set Analysis of Urban and Rural Counties
This study investigated how contextual factors affect the processing of child sexual abuse cases, from reporting to sentencing. We analyzed three types of data: (a) data compiled by the PennsylvaniaExpand
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The Complexity of Hate Crime and Bias Activity: Variation across Contexts and Types of Bias
Are racially-motivated hate crimes, non-criminal bias incidents, and general forms of crime associated with the same structural factors? If so, then social disorganization, a powerful structuralExpand
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