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Ecofisiología de la palma de aceite
Plant Ecophysiology is the study of plant responses to the environment and the analysis of physiological mechanisms dependent of the environment, at every level of organization. Plant ecophysiologyExpand
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Comportamiento de la viabilidad de polen de la palma de aceite en la Zona Norte Colombiana
Regarding feminine inflorescence the ideal would be that all the flowers could be fertilized by the masculine gamete (pollen), consequently, normal fruits can be developed. However, in reality someExpand
Efecto de sistemas de renovación en la producción de palma de aceite en la Zona Norte de Colombia
About 11% of the area planted to oil palm in Colombia is older than 25 years and has completed its economic cycle; therefore, it must be replanted. Replacing old trees and replanting is a costlyExpand
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Desarrollo del racimo y formación de aceite en diferentes épocas del año
The Colombian Northern Zone shows a generalized downfall on the oil extraction rate (OER) of the oil fruit mills during the months of December, January, and February. Up to date there is noExpand
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Pensamiento intuitivo en niños de 5 y 4 años del Colegio Pamer de Salamanca – Lima, 2013
El estudio tuvo por objetivo comprobar la relacion entre el pensamiento intuitivo y las edades de 5 y 4 anos en 27 estudiantes. La poblacion fue sometida a cuatro problemas estructurados queExpand