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Mutagenic activity of benzofurans and naphthofurans in the Salmonella/microsome assay: 2-nitro-7-methoxy-naphtho[2,1-b]furan (R7000), a new highly potent mutagenic agent.
One of the compounds tested, 2-nitro-7-methoxynaphtho[2,1-b]furan (R7000), may be the most potent mutagen examined so far in the Salmonella/microsome assay and depends notably on the nature and the position of the other substituents in the molecule. Expand
Genetic toxicology studies with 2-nitrobenzofurans and 2-nitronaphthofurans.
A correlation is observed between the mutagenic potency assayed in the Mutatest and the phage-inducing potency assays in the Inductest, and the relevance of complementary tests on uvr + Salmonella strains and the Spermatest are briefly discussed. Expand
Inhibition of DNA synthesis in relation to enhanced survival of UV-damaged herpes virus in monkey cells treated by a variety of 2-nitronaphthofurans.
The most efficient 2-nitro-7-methoxy-naphtho[2,1-b]furan-R 7000) were at least as potent as aflatoxin B1 in inducing virus reactivation. Expand
Pulse radiolysis and cellular studies of a new class of radiosensitizers: 2-nitrobenzofurans.
A group of 2-nitrobenzofurans possessing antibacterial and antiparasitic properties have now been shown to be potential radiosensitizers from investigations in simple aqueous solution by pulseExpand
Macrofilaricidal activity of metabolites of diethylcarbamazine.
In the rodent and in man, the antifilarial action of DEC is swift and of short duration, but in some human filariasis i.e. loaiasis, lymphatic filARIasis, the spectrum of DEC activities extends to adult filaria. Expand
Induction of sarcomas in rats by subcutaneous injection of 7-methoxy-2-nitro-naphtho[2,1-b]furan (R 7000).
The high carcinogenicity of R 7000 in vivo is analogous to that of methylcholanthrene, and the exact mechanism of action of 2-nitro-naphthofurans as carcinogens remains to be explained. Expand