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Semiclassical dynamics from Zeno-like measurements
The usual semiclassical approximation for atom–field dynamics consists in substituting the field operators by complex numbers related to the (supposedly large enough) intensity of the field. We showExpand
Protecting, Enhancing and Reviving Entanglement
We propose a strategies not only to protect but also to enhance and revive the entanglement in a double Jaynes-Cummings model. We show that such surprising features arises when Zeno-like measurementsExpand
Restrictions for the causal inferences in an interferometric system
Causal discovery algorithms allow for the inference of causal structures from probabilistic relations of random variables. A natural field for the application of this tool is quantum mechanics, whereExpand
Two cavity modes in a dissipative environment: Cross decay rates and robust states
We investigate the role of the cross decay rates (environment-assisted effective coupling) in a system composed by two electromagnetic modes interacting with the same reservoir. Two feasibleExpand
Environment induced quantum Zeno effect in coupled microwave cavities
Abstract We model a feasible experiment involving two interacting microwave cavities with very different quality factors. An excitation is initially present in the high Q cavity. Modeling theExpand
Quantum Zeno effect in cavity quantum electrodynamics : Experimental proposal with nonideal cavities and detectors
We propose an experiment with two coupled microwave cavities and a "tunneling" photon observed by the passage of Rydberg atoms. We model the coupled cavities as in Ref. \cite{art1} and includeExpand
Entanglement preservation of two coupled modes
Abstract A scheme to control the evolution of any initial state in subspace { | 1 〉 ⊗ | 0 〉 , | 0 〉 ⊗ | 1 〉 } is presented. The physical system considered is the one of two coupled modes sharing oneExpand
Quantum communication between remote mechanical resonators
Mechanical resonators represent one of the most promising candidates to mediate the interaction between different quantum technologies, bridging the gap between efficient quantum computation andExpand
The role of introspective evaluation of intentions to act in a quantum-like cognitive model
Abstract In this paper it is shown a quantum-like cognitive model that predicts the slowdown of opinion change. The model proposed is a heuristic model that can reproduces some experimental results,Expand
Causal Emergence in Quantum Mechanics
Causal emergence is brought about when a coarse-grained description of a physical system is more effective (more deterministic and/or less degenerate) than the fine-grained corresponding model. WeExpand