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The evolution of sex-change mechanisms in fishes
  • R. Ross
  • Biology
  • Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • 1 October 1990
SynopsisFive distinct sex-change mechanisms are identified among sequentially hermaphroditic fishes based on socio-ecological characteristics. The primary determinants of the sex-change mechanismsExpand
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Jumping to Conclusions About the Beads Task? A Meta-analysis of Delusional Ideation and Data-Gathering.
It has been claimed that delusional and delusion-prone individuals have a tendency to gather less data before forming beliefs. Most of the evidence for this "jumping to conclusions" (JTC) bias comesExpand
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Population structure and cultural geography of a folktale in Europe
Despite a burgeoning science of cultural evolution, relatively little work has focused on the population structure of human cultural variation. By contrast, studies in human population genetics use aExpand
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Atheists and Agnostics Are More Reflective than Religious Believers: Four Empirical Studies and a Meta-Analysis
Individual differences in the mere willingness to think analytically has been shown to predict religious disbelief. Recently, however, it has been argued that analytic thinkers are not actually lessExpand
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The Pleasures and Perils of Darwinizing Culture (with Phylogenies)
Current debates about “Darwinizing culture” have typically focused on the validity of memetics. In this article we argue that meme-like inheritance is not a necessary requirement for descent withExpand
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Dunning–Kruger effects in reasoning: Theoretical implications of the failure to recognize incompetence
The Dunning–Kruger effect refers to the observation that the incompetent are often ill-suited to recognize their incompetence. Here we investigated potential Dunning–Kruger effects in high-levelExpand
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Developing and Applying a Set of Earth Science Literacy Principles
ABSTRACT The 21st century will be defined by challenges such as understanding and preparing for climate change and ensuring the availability of resources such as water and energy, which are issuesExpand
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Complex societies precede moralizing gods throughout world history
The origins of religion and of complex societies represent evolutionary puzzles1–8. The ‘moralizing gods’ hypothesis offers a solution to both puzzles by proposing that belief in morally concernedExpand
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Folktale transmission in the Arctic provides evidence for high bandwidth social learning among hunter-gatherer groups
Abstract There exist striking resemblances in the stories of ethnolinguistic groups separated by vast geographic distances, with nearby groups having the most in common. The causes of theseExpand
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Developing Effective K-16 Geoscience Research Partnerships
CONSENSUS STATEMENT Research partnerships between scientists and K-16 students, teachers, and the general public can increase our collective understanding of the Earth system while making the scienceExpand
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