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Tractable Reasoning and Efficient Query Answering in Description Logics: The DL-Lite Family
It is shown that, for the DLs of the DL-Lite family, the usual DL reasoning tasks are polynomial in the size of the TBox, and query answering is LogSpace in thesize of the ABox, which is the first result ofPolynomial-time data complexity for query answering over DL knowledge bases. Expand
Linking Data to Ontologies
This paper presents a new ontology language, based on Description Logics, that is particularly suited to reason with large amounts of instances and a novel mapping language that is able to deal with the so-called impedance mismatch problem. Expand
Reconciling description logics and rules
A hybrid formalism of MKNF+ knowledge bases is presented, which integrates DLs and rules in a coherent semantic framework by basing the semantics of the formalism on the logic of minimal knowledge and negation as failure (MKNF) by Lifschitz. Expand
DL-Lite: Tractable Description Logics for Ontologies
DL-Lite is proposed, a new Description Logic specifically tailored to capture basic ontology languages, while keeping low complexity of reasoning, and shows that in DL-LITE the usual DL reasoning tasks are polynomial in the size of the TBox, and query answering is polynometric in theSize of the ABox, the first result of polynomic data complexity for query answering over DL knowledge bases. Expand
Inconsistency-Tolerant Semantics for Description Logics
It is shown that, if the notion of repair studied in databases is used, inconsistency-tolerant query answering is intractable, even for the simplest form of queries. Expand
Data Complexity of Query Answering in Description Logics
The Description Logics of the DL-Lite family are the maximal logics allowing conjunctive query answering through standard database technology, and are the first description Logics specifically tailored for effective query answering over very large ABoxes. Expand
DL+log: Tight Integration of Description Logics and Disjunctive Datalog
DL +log is defined, a general framework for the integration of Description Logics and disjunctive Datalog rules that allows for a tighter form of integration between DL-KBs and Datalogs rules which overcomes the main representational limits of the approaches based on the safety condition. Expand
Ontologies and Databases: The DL-Lite Approach
This article addresses the problem of accessing relational data sources through an ontology, and presents a solution to the notorious impedance mismatch between the abstract objects in the ontology and the values appearing in data sources. Expand
Description logics of minimal knowledge and negation as failure
The usefulness of MKNF-DLs for a formal characterization of a wide variety of nonmonotonic features that are both commonly available inframe-based systems, and needed in the development of practical knowledge-based applications: defaults, integrity constraints, role, and concept closure are shown. Expand
On Conjunctive Query Answering in EL
  • R. Rosati
  • Computer Science
  • Description Logics
  • 2007
This paper study conjunctive query answering in the description logics of the EL family, in particular the DLs EL, ELH, EL, and EL, to identify DLs both having interesting expressive abilities and allowing for tractable reasoning. Expand