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[129] Glutamine synthetase (sheep brain)☆
Publisher Summary This chapter discusses the assay, purification, and properties of glutamine synthetase from sheep brain. The activity of glutamine synthetase may be determined by measuring the rateExpand
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Phosphorylation of methionine sulfoximine by glutamine synthetase.
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Regulation of specific protein synthesis in cytodifferentiation
The developmental features of the pancreas are reviewed as an example of cytodifferentiation and organogenesis. Attention is directed to the regulatory characteristics of the specific proteinsExpand
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Effects of a partially purified factor from chick embryos on macromolecular synthesis of embryonic pancreatic epithelia.
Abstract Essentially normal development of early embryonic pancreatic epithelium occurs only in the presence of mesenchymal tissues ( Golosow and Grobstein, 1962 ), or a particulate fraction (MF)Expand
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Purification and partial characterization of an integral membrane glycoprotein from zymogen granules of dog pancreas
Glycoproteins, long known to be functional constituents of cell surfaces, have recently been detected in intracellular membranes [ 1 ] . Membranes from the rough endoplasmic reticulum and the GolgiExpand
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Synthesis and subcellular distribution of heparan sulfate in the rat exocrine pancreas.
Abstract Tissue fragments and isolated acinar cells from adult rat pancreas rapidly incorporated inorganic 35SO42− into macromolecules. Secretion of labeled macromolecules could be stimulated by theExpand
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A possible role of Golgi membrane-associated galactosyltransferase in the formation of zymogen granule glycoproteins.
Abstract A galactosyltransferase activity in smooth microsomes and Golgi membrane-rich fractions from rat pancreas glycosylated endogenous acceptors during incubation with UDP-[ 14 C]galactose in theExpand
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Inhibition of glutamine synthetase by methionine sulfoximine. Studies on methionine sulfoximine phosphate.
The irreversible inhibition of glutamine synthetase by methionine sulfoximine is associated with the tight binding to the enzyme of adenosine diphosphate and methionine sulfoximine phosphate; theExpand
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