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On the Architecture of Intersubjectivity
The Harvard-M.I.T. brand of psycholinguistics came into being as the love child of generative grammar and individual (as opposed to social) cognitive psychology. And transformational-generativeExpand
On the Role of "a Psychology of the Second Person" in Studies of Meaning, Language, and Mind
The boundary between a biological organism and its external ecological habitat, as conceived of by laypersons as well as learned biologists, is the skin. The boundaries between some of the academicExpand
The acquisition of sentence voice and reversibility.
Primary grade children were tested for their ability to imitate, comprehend, and produce active and passive sentences and reversible and nonreversible sentences and sentence voice was found to be stronger than the effect of sentence reversibility. Expand
Focus of attention in recall of active and passive sentences
An attempt was made to manipulate the voice in which sentences were remembered by varying the focus of the child's attention both at the time of sentence storage and at the time of sentenceExpand
On Human Beings, Computers and Representational-Computational vs Hermeneutic-Dialogical Approaches to Human Cognition and Communication
Current representational-computational approaches to human cognition and communication, it is argued, represent natural-scientifically coached ramifications of an analyticrationalist philosophicalExpand
Experimental Manipulation of the Production of Active and Passive Voice in Children
Two experiments were carried out in an attempt to manipulate the voice in which children encoded a denotative domain of events, and when the acted-upon element or recipient of the action was presented first, there tended to be an increase in the number of passive voice sentences produced. Expand