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Dual-Pump Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy Measurements in a Dual-Mode Scramjet
In this paper, the authors describe dual-pump coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy (CARS) measurements of mixing and combustion in a direct-connect scramjet combustor operating at equivalentExpand
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Large-Eddy / Reynolds-Averaged Navier-Stokes Simulations of a Dual-Mode Scramjet Combustor
Numerical simulations of reacting and non-reacting flows within a scramjet combustor configuration experimentally mapped at the University of Virginia s Scramjet Combustion Facility (operating withExpand
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OH PLIF visualization of the UVa supersonic combustion experiment: configuration A
Hydroxyl radical (OH) planar laser-induced fluorescence (PLIF) visualizations were performed in the University of Virginia supersonic combustion experiment. The test section was set up inExpand
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Nitric Oxide PLIF Visualization of Simulated Fuel-Air Mixing in a Dual-Mode Scramjet
Nitric oxide (NO) planar induced laser fluorescence (PLIF) measurements have been performed in a small scale scramjet combustor at the University of Virginia Aerospace Research Laboratory at nominalExpand
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Characterization of a Dual-Mode Scramjet via Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry
Despite over 50 years of research, the supersonic, turbulent, combusting flow field of a scramjet is not fully understood. This is particularly the case for the dual-mode scramjet (DMSJ) whichExpand
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Focusing-schlieren visualization in a dual-mode scramjet
Schlieren imaging is particularly suited to measuring density gradients in compressible flowfields and can be used to capture shock waves and expansion fans, as well as the turbulent structures ofExpand
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Experimental Study of Test-Medium Vitiation Effects on Dual-Mode Scramjet Performance
An experimental study was performed to characterize the effects of vitiation due to combustion-air preheating on dual-mode scramjet combustion.Major combustion vitiation species (H2O andCO2)wereExpand
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Spatially Resolved Water Measurements in a Scramjet Combustor Using Diode Laser Absorption
A two-color tunable diode laser sensor for detection of H2O absorption near 1.4  μm was used to simultaneously determine temperature, H2O column density, and velocity in a direct-connect scramjetExpand
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Comparison of Dual-Mode Combustor Performance with Various Heating Methods
The present experimental study investigates the vitiation effects of heated test gas on combustor performance in a direct-connect dual-mode scramjet. Wall pressures were compared under two differentExpand
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Estimation of Enthalpy Effects in Direct-Connect Dual-Mode Combustor
To estimate the enthalpy effects of test gas in a direct-connect dual-mode combustor, an experimental study was conducted. Wall pressures were compared under two cases with different types of airExpand
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