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Solid phase synthesis and conformation of sequential glycosylated polytripeptide sequences related to antifreeze glycoproteins.
Since the glyco-hexapeptide is too short to form an alpha-helix, the hypothesis is made that in the glycopeptides in water at high temperature a small amount of 3(10) helix is formed. Expand
Glycodermorphins: opioid peptides with potent and prolonged analgesic activity and enhanced blood‐brain barrier penetration
The enhanced brain permeability with the subsequent decrease in peripheral dosage of these opioid peptides did not result in lowering constipation and a facilitated entry into the brain was indicated. Expand
Synthesis of O-glycosylated tuftsins by utilizing threonine derivatives containing an unprotected monosaccharide moiety.
The resulting glycosylated tuftsin derivatives were fully deblocked by catalytic hydrogenation, purified by HPLC, and characterized by optical rotation, amino acid analysis, and 1H NMR. Expand
NADPH oxidase activation and 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal/aquaporin-4 adducts as possible new players in oxidative neuronal damage presents in drug-resistant epilepsy.
It is suggested that seizure induces oxidative damage as well as neuronal loss, thereby promoting neuronal hyperexcitability, also affecting water and ion balance by AQP4 modulation, and thus generating a vicious cycle. Expand
Helix induction potential of N-terminal α-methyl, α-amino acids
A series of longer analogues of the C-peptide of RNAse A has been synthesized with the aim of assessing the helix induction potential in water of α-methyl, α-amino acids at the N-terminus of theExpand
Solid‐phase synthesis of bombesin by continuous flow procedure using Fmoc‐amino acids*
Bombesin has been synthesized by the continuous flow solid-phase procedure on the derivatized Kieselguhr-supported polydimethylacrylamide resin. Preformed Fmoc-amino acid symmetrical anhydrides (Met,Expand
Synthesis, conformation, and biological activity of the carbohydrate-free vespulakinin 1.
Preliminary pharmacological experiments indicated that carbohydrate-free vespulakinin 1 is more potent than bradykinin in lowering rat blood pressure. Expand
Conformational‐transitions of bovine pancreatic ribonuclease S‐peptide
Experimental evidence is given for the hypothesis that a change in the solvent composition is able to induce in the S-peptide a eenformational transition through a soivent-mdueed ¢onformati0n'dl transition. Expand