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Quality control of oral anticoagulant therapy in Primary Care in Madrid City, Spain: CHRONOS-TAO study ☆
The quality control of patients with oral anticoagulant treatment recruited in Primary Care in Madrid is acceptable, similar or higher to other studies and pivotal trials of new antICOagulants. Expand
The Bulletin of the Yale Tropical Resources Institute
It is thirty years since the first article resulting from work of Fellows of the Yale Tropical Resources Institute was published. Since then, Fellows have written over 300 articles for the Bulletin.Expand
El historiador Josep Sanchis Sivera (1867-1937): el arte de viajar
El artículo ofrece abundante información biográ ca y bibliográ ca acerca de un erudito e historiador valenciano escasamente estudiado, Josep Sanchis Sivera. Durante las dos primeras décadas del sigloExpand
Floristic inventory of tropical forest in Rwanda 20 years after artisanal gold-mining
Floristic inventories of tropical forest after 20 years of artisanal gold mining practices in Nyungwe National Park, Rwanda, were undertaken to understand the effect of this mining on forestExpand