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Measuring organizational performance in the absence of objective measures: The case of the privately-held firm and conglomerate business unit
A firm's organizational performance (OP) is often scrutinized when studying various organizational phenomena. When examining OP, researchers must provide a conceptualization to define it and mustExpand
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The effects of industry growth and strategic breadth on new venture performance and strategy content
A sample of 123 independent new ventures was classified into four industry growthlstrategic breadth categories. High growth industry environments were found to provide a favorable environment for newExpand
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Research Thrusts in Small Firm Strategic Planning
Viewed historically, strategic planning research in small firms has emerged sporadically rather than in clear research tracks. This paper reviews over 50 planning-related studies from small firmExpand
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Planned patterns of strategic behavior and their relationship to business-unit performance†
This study examined the moderating role of planning sophistication on the strategy-performance relationship in 97 manufacturing firms representing 60 different industries. Cluster analysis was usedExpand
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The Tenuous Link Between Formal Strategic Planning and Financial Performance
Although the effect of formal strategic planning on organization effectiveness remains an unresolved issue, a systematic critical review of 18 relevant empirical studies allows valuable insights intoExpand
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A structural model of the effects of entrepreneurial characteristics on venture performance
Abstract Venture capitalists, “angel” investors, and experienced, successful entrepreneurs, when asked to identify the most important determinant of new venture performance, will undoubtedly answerExpand
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Supplier Partnerships and the Small, High‐Growth Firm: Selecting for Success
Strategic partnerships are commonplace in today's global economy. Effective use of partnerships are viewed increasingly as an important issue facing small, growth‐oriented firms. A key debate is howExpand
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Strategic Management: Planning for Domestic & Global Competition
PART ONE: Overview of Strategic Management Chapter 1 Strategic Management PART TWO: Strategy Formulation Chapter 2 Company Mission Chapter 3 Corporate Social Responsibility and Business EthicsExpand
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Emerging strategies in the venture capital industry
Abstract This article reports a study of the future direction of the venture capital industry by examining the basic strategies and strategic assumptions of a broad sample of venture capital firms.Expand
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