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Stress Preconditioning of Spreading Depression in the Locust CNS
Cortical spreading depression (CSD) is closely associated with important pathologies including stroke, seizures and migraine. The mechanisms underlying SD in its various forms are still incompletelyExpand
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Collision avoidance of flying locusts: steering torques and behaviour
Summary 1. Obstacles approaching in the flight path trigger postural and wing kinematic adjustments in tethered flying locusts. We sought to confirm that these behaviours were steering behaviours byExpand
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Coma in response to environmental stress in the locust: a model for cortical spreading depression.
Spreading depression (SD) is an interesting and important phenomenon due to its role in mammalian pathologies such as migraine, seizures, and stroke. Until recently investigations of the mechanismsExpand
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Thermal stress and neural function: adaptive mechanisms in insect model systems
Abstract Neural circuit function is vulnerable to hyperthermic failure but can be protected by stress pretreatments, such as exposure to a brief, sub-lethal high temperature (heat shock, HS), byExpand
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Wing movements associated with collision-avoidance manoeuvres during flight in the locust Locusta migratoria
Summary 1. Flying locusts will try to avoid colliding with objects directly in their flight path. This study investigated the wing movements and behaviour patterns associated with collisionExpand
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Thermal Preconditioning and Heat-Shock Protein 72 Preserve Synaptic Transmission during Thermal Stress
As with other tissues, exposing the mammalian CNS to nonlethal heat stress (i.e., thermal preconditioning) increases levels of heat-shock proteins (Hsps) such as Hsp70 and enhances the viability ofExpand
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Heat stress-mediated plasticity in a locust looming-sensitive visual interneuron.
Neural circuits are strongly affected by temperature and failure ensues at extremes. However, detrimental effects of high temperature on neural pathways can be mitigated by prior exposure to high,Expand
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Suppression of Spreading Depression-Like Events in Locusts by Inhibition of the NO/cGMP/PKG Pathway
Despite considerable research attention focused on mechanisms underlying neural spreading depression (SD), because of its association with important human CNS pathologies, such as stroke andExpand
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Modulation of Neural Circuit Operation by Prior Environmental Stress1
  • R. Robertson
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  • Integrative and comparative biology
  • 1 February 2004
Abstract Many organisms are exposed to harsh environmental conditions that may impair the operation of vital neuronal circuits and imperil the animal before these conditions directly cause cell andExpand
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Temperature and neuronal circuit function: compensation, tuning and tolerance
Temperature has widespread and diverse effects on different subcellular components of neuronal circuits making it difficult to predict precisely the overall influence on output. Increases inExpand
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