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The Sequence of the Human Genome
Comparative genomic analysis indicates vertebrate expansions of genes associated with neuronal function, with tissue-specific developmental regulation, and with the hemostasis and immune systems are indicated. Expand
REBASE—a database for DNA restriction and modification: enzymes, genes and genomes
REBASE is a comprehensive and fully curated database of information about the components of restriction-modification (RM) systems. It contains fully referenced information about recognition andExpand
NEBcutter: a program to cleave DNA with restriction enzymes
NEBcutter, version 1.0, is a program available via a web server that will accept an input DNA sequence and produce a comprehensive report of the restriction enzymes that will cleave the sequence. Expand
A nomenclature for restriction enzymes, DNA methyltransferases, homing endonucleases and their genes.
A nomenclature is described for restriction endonucleases, DNA methyltransferases, homing endonucleases and related genes and gene products. It provides explicit categories for the many differentExpand
REBASE—enzymes and genes for DNA restriction and modification
All newly sequenced genomes are analyzed for the presence of putative restriction systems and these data are included within the REBASE. Expand
Hhal methyltransferase flips its target base out of the DNA helix
The crystal structure suggests how the active nucleophile reaches its target, directly supports the proposed mechanism for cytosine-5 DNA methylation, and illustrates a novel mode of sequence-specific DNA recognition. Expand
Homing endonucleases: keeping the house in order.
The evolution of homing endonucleases is considered, both at the structure-function level and in terms of their persistence in widely divergent biological systems. Expand
An amazing sequence arrangement at the 5′ ends of adenovirus 2 messenger RNA
Findings imply a new mechanism for the biosynthesis of Ad2 mRNA in mammalian cells which is complementary to sequences within the Ad2 genome which are remote from the DNA from which the main coding sequence of each mRNA is transcribed. Expand
REBASE—restriction enzymes and DNA methyltransferases
An extensive analysis is included of the restriction–modification systems that are predicted to be present in the sequenced bacterial and archaeal genomes from GenBank. Expand
The DNA (cytosine-5) methyltransferases
The reaction pathway has suddenly become more complicated because of the base-flipping and much remains to be learned about the DNA recognition elements in the family members for which structural information is not yet available. Expand