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The photochemistry of native proteins
The photochemistry of serum albumin has been studied in detail. Evidence has been obtained showing that approximately 5 % of the radiation absorbed by the protein at 2537 Å wavelength is directlyExpand
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Design and implementation of a new computerized system for intraoperative cardiac mapping.
A rapid, portable, yet inexpensive and expandable computer-based system utilizing current technology has been developed from experience in the operating room. Expand
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The Structure of Diketene1
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Bandwidth‐Induced Errors in Parameters Used for Automated Activation Time Determination During Computerized Intraoperative Cardiac Mapping: Theoretical Limits
Two parameters commonly used when determining the time of local activation during computerized Intraoperative cardinc mapping are the time of the peak in bipolar electrograms (BP) and the time of theExpand
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The photochemical and thermal decompositions of hydrogen sulphide
The photochemical decomposition of hydrogen sulphide has been investigated at pressures between 8 and 550 mm of mercury and at temperatures between 27 and 650° C, using the narrow cadmium line (λExpand
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The pollution reduction technology program for can-annular combustor engines - Description and results
Pollutant reduction and performance characteristics were determined for three successively more advanced combustor concepts. Program Element I consisted of minor modifications to the currentExpand
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The Reading Notebook: Travel Section
A" you completely satisfied with the progress of your reading class? Are some of your pupils in Grades III, IV, V, or VI bored and disinterested during the reading period? Do you find it difficult toExpand
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Delay Effects in a Pressure Vessel Material—5083-0 Aluminum
The effect of 50, 75, and 100 percent overloads on fatigue crack propagation in 5083-0 aluminum alloy was investigated in this study. Typical tests consisted of fatiguing compact tension specimens atExpand
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