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Phenylethanoid glycosides in plants: structure and biological activity.
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Development and brain delivery of chitosan-PEG nanoparticles functionalized with the monoclonal antibody OX26.
The inhibition of the caspase-3 enzyme is reported to increase neuronal cell survival following cerebral ischemia. The peptide Z-DEVD-FMK is a specific caspase inhibitor, which significantly reducesExpand
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dd-diketopiperazines: antibiotics active against Vibrio anguillarum isolated from marine bacteria associated with cultures of Pecten maximus.
Bacterial strains CF-20 (CECT5719) and C-148 (CECT5718), isolated from cultures of larvae of molluscs, are shown to produce substances 1-5 with strong antibiotic activity against Vibrio anguillarumExpand
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NMR methods for unravelling the spectra of complex mixtures.
The main methods for the simplification of the NMR of complex mixtures by selective attenuation/suppression of the signals of certain components are presented. The application of relaxation,Expand
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Isolating bioactive compounds from marine organisms
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Triterpene glycosides from the Far-Eastern sea cucumber Pentamera calcigera. 1. Monosulfated glycosides and cytotoxicity of their unsulfated derivatives.
Three new monosulfated triterpene glycosides, calcigerosides B (2), C(1) (3), and C(2) (4), along with the known cucumarioside G(2) (1), have been isolated from the sea cucumber Pentamera calcigera.Expand
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Occurrence of corn mycotoxins in Galicia (Northwest Spain).
Etude sur 3 ans de la presence de champignons pathogenes et de mycotoxines dans du mais entrepose, en fonction des conditions de stockage. Etude de la toxicite in vivo. Analyse taxonomique desExpand
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A Nanomedicine Transports a Peptide Caspase-3 Inhibitor across the Blood–Brain Barrier and Provides Neuroprotection
Caspases play an important role as mediators of cell death in acute and chronic neurological disorders. Although peptide inhibitors of caspases provide neuroprotection, they have to be administeredExpand
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Reliable and efficient procedures for the conjugation of biomolecules through Huisgen azide-alkyne cycloadditions.
The Cu(I)-catalyzed azide-alkyne cycloaddition (CuAAC) has been established as a powerful coupling technology for the conjugation of proteins, nucleic acids, and polysaccharides. Nevertheless,Expand
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