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The physiology/life-history nexus
The rate of reproduction, age at maturity and longevity vary widely among species. Most of this life-history variation falls on a slow-fast continuum, with low reproductive rate, slow development andExpand
Community Diversity: Relative Roles of Local and Regional Processes
The species richness (diversity) of local plant and animal assemblages—biological communities—balances regional processes of species formation and geographic dispersal, which add species toExpand
A comprehensive framework for global patterns in biodiversity
The present study proposes to reconcile the different spatial and temporal scales of regional species production and local constraint on species richness. Although interactions between populationsExpand
Evolution and the latitudinal diversity gradient: speciation, extinction and biogeography.
A latitudinal gradient in biodiversity has existed since before the time of the dinosaurs, yet how and why this gradient arose remains unresolved. Here we review two major hypotheses for the originExpand
A hemolysis-hemagglutination assay for characterizing constitutive innate humoral immunity in wild and domestic birds.
Methods to assess immunocompetence requiring only a single sample are useful in comparative studies where practical considerations prevent holding or recapturing individuals. The assay for naturalExpand
George Gaylord Simpson famously postulated that much of life's diversity originated as adaptive radiations—more or less simultaneous divergences of numerous lines from a single ancestral adaptiveExpand
Dioecy and its correlates in the flowering plants
Considerable ffort has been spent documenting correlations between dioecy and various ecological and morphological traits for the purpose of testing hypotheses about conditions that favor dioecy. TheExpand
An analysis of nesting mortality in birds
Ricklefs, Robert E. An Analysis of Nesting Mortality in Birds. Smithsonian Contributions to Zoology, 9:1-48. 1969.—This study was initiated to evaluate nesting mortality of birds as a feature of theExpand
Large-scale processes and the Asian bias in species diversity of temperate plants
An important issue in the study of biodiversity is the extent to which global patterns of species richness reflect large-scale processes and historical contingencies. Ecological interactions in localExpand
Avian growth and development : evolution within the altricial-precocial spectrum
Introduction 1. Patterns of Development: The Altricial-Precocial Spectrum 2. Embryonic Development 3. Structural Variants and Invariants in Avian Embryonic and Postnatal Development 4. EnergyExpand