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Tokenization and Filtering Process in RapidMiner
This paper will see how text mining is implemented in Rapidminer, a knowledge-intensive process in which a user interacts with a document collection and finds patterns across very large document collections. Expand
Salmonella occurrence in chicken eggs and environmental samples and their sero-prevalence in laying hens
The prevalence of S. Typhimurium in chicken eggs and environment and their sero-positivity in live birds indicated that a good correlation existed between the sera-positive in layer birds and their eggs. Expand
Implementation of Web Structure Mining with Breadth First Search and Depth First Search
The web link extraction tool is implemented with Breadth first search as well as with Depth first search and the user can view the total links and total number of links. Expand
Child Sexual Abuse in India and the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences (POCSO) Act 2012: A Research Review
Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) is most heinous crime against children and in most instances, it is hidden in nature. It is the most under reported crime. The effect of CSA lingers across the lifetime of anExpand
Regional Disparity in Cropping Intensity and Relative Impact of Irrigation in Haryana
Agricultural development ofa state can be obtained through intensifying the crops at limited area. Higher cropping intensity indicates maximum area is cropped more than once. The presentstudy is anExpand
More on I?cluster points of filters
This paper is an extension of our paper cluster points of filters [8]. In this paper, we have discussed the relationship between cluster points of filters and cluster points of nets and estabilishedExpand